Whatever your language needs, we are your one-stop centre for all Nuer translation and interpretation. Our translators and interpreters are native Nuer speakers with a natural and professional grasp of the language.

A Historic Language

Nearly one million people speak the Nuer language. They are mostly from South Sudan, though some can also be found in western Ethiopia. Nuer has been in existence for centuries and has a rich oral tradition.

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News happens at the speed of lightning. News about the Nuer people in particular and the entire South Sudan is part of our story and we always share it..

Translation by Industry

K2 We have experience across a wide range of industries which helps us to understand what makes different industries tick and how to capture that in our translation.

More than 100

Since our inception almost a decade ago, more than 100 clients have relied on us to amplify and articulate their voice to the Nuer speaking people of South Sudan.


We welcome you to connect to our translation and interpretation services in Nuer. We provide accurate and timely Nuer Translation into or from any other language combination. .

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