Very often, people have their own reasons for learning a new or foreign language, but some languages ​​have extra advantages or benefits in today's world.

There are many reasons why China is one of the most important second languages ​​that can be learned from any country's people – but here it is only 10. [1] Nearly one quarter of the world's population speak Chinese. But this is not necessarily a reason for learning the language, but if we take into account that there are more than 1.3 billion people in China, let alone elsewhere in Singapore, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, America and Europe. they speak Chinese, it is obvious that language is widespread and growing in the world. If you want to know the language, it obviously opens billions of new friends, customers or potential partners as before. (2) China was the world's fastest-growing economy in the last quarter. century.

Business aspect of China is business. Their economy has grown steadily (up to the present) year after year under just under 10%. This forces China to become the world's largest economic power in a few years and is probably the world's largest economy. As people learn English to break into US trade, China will soon become one of the world's largest business languages. Why wait?

3) One of the United States' Most Important Trading Partners

Import and export flows between water and water between China and the US. In particular, US imports have been so vigorously controlled the Chinese economy over the last few decades, but the newly discovered wealth allows Chinese middle classes to gain Western luxury. This open trade between the two countries has succeeded in many businesses. Chinese language learning has any advantage over competitors within that market.

4) Definitive Edge in Competition for Jobs Language learning is a great advantage when looking for work. Employers like bilinguals. In addition to declaring commitment, it also provides additional working language. China is probably the biggest benefit of everything. Any business that is involved in overseas trade or communication will win over all the Chinese speaking candidates. As mentioned earlier, Sino-US and Chinese-European trade is tremendous, and companies cry to people who can talk to locals. Learn Chinese and increase your job prospects.

5) Excellent choice for College app.

Chinese Mandarin is moving faster between German, French and Portuguese, one of the most commonly used languages ​​in the United States and Europe. Schools that have only been taught in French or Spanish are alternatives or substitutes for China and children are spoken in Chinese. Why is this? In addition to providing the language learners with clear business and employment opportunities, Mandarin students look favorably when they think of college applications. Just as employers, colleges see their commitment to learn Chinese and the opportunities offered later.

Learn Chinese and go in front of the rest of the crowd

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7) Chinese culture is one of the oldest in the world.

Chinese culture is ancient. Gunpowder and paper were found and discovered America before Columbus was born. Their history and culture is huge and colorful, varied and impressive, and learning the language gives you insight into history and culture that you would never otherwise have. If you are interested in Chinese medicine, Chinese opera or theater, or even Chinese Kung-Fu movies, language learning can give you further recognition.

8) Never been easier

It may not be the best reason for language learning, but it's definitely the best time. Simplified Chinese introduction to merge different dialects and create a national language, Chinese language was more accessible than ever. This was made even easier by introducing the pinyini government, translating the Mandarin script into Roman characters. This means that someone can talk and read Pinyin some days, and then move on to the harder script later. Of course, of course, there are several excellent courses that will help you learn Chinese Mandarin learning. These little, free vocabulary websites spread to huge software bohemians that teach you everything you want from a language … for a price. If you are serious about learning Chinese and want to receive Chinese Mandarin Chinese prizes, then you should definitely spend both time and money.

9 World Affairs

Of course, this is related to some of the above reasons, but equally important to its own right. China is playing an increasingly important role today in world affairs, not just from an economic but also from a political and environmental point of view. China becomes a superhuman, but it can work hard before its human rights and environmental policies are acceptable to the world. These issues become more and more important as China is growing and if you are interested in these issues, language learning will surely be a good place to change some.

10) Similar Languages ​​

Chinese learning can provide a strong foundation for learning other languages ​​- most Japanese. Japanese and Chinese scripts are in fact almost identical and although they can read the script does not mean that I will be able to speak Japanese, it will certainly give you a good foundation to learn.

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