Are you sure you are interested in dating a Filipina girl, because here you are now, read this Filipina article. If you are here, then there are Filipino dating sites that you can dream of with the Filipino girl!

2) I love you – "I love you"

3) There is a bruise on you (19659002) 1) I like you – "Gusto kita"

– "I Love You"

4) Watch – "Remember"

5) Watch – "Remember"

I always think of you – "I always think" 8) I dream about you – "I dreamed" ) "I miss you"

11) I am in love – "I love you"

12) I am in love with you – "I fell in love with you" I love you – "Mahal kita" I love you – "Mahal na mahal kita"

1 5) I want to marry – "I want to marry you"

16) I wish you were my wife – "I want you to be my wife" 19659002] 18) Will you buy it? – "Are you with me?"

19) I'll marry you – "Marry me"

20) You are the only one I like – "Ikaw lang ang mahal ko"

for any Filipina girl who is dating and interested. All the Philippines, regardless of the island's island in the Philippines, appreciates the aspiration of Filipina's dating job. So, it's good to read this article. Looking for good luck for the Filipina girl!

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