I lived in Israel for about 17 years, and I always get a kick out of noticing the funny mistakes that people do when they are translating one language into another. A bit of laughter in our lives is always a good thing, so I guess I can thank translators for putting a smile on my face. Here are the funniest mistakes I remember.

I once saw a movie, and W.C. Fields. The translator translated "Bathroom Areas". Get it? The translator thought that "W.C." a bathroom, AKA, a bathroom. Since I saw this mistake while sitting in a movie theater, I think the people around me could not find out why I was laughing when the act was not funny.

I enjoy BBC's "Antiques Roadshow". More than once, the breeders said that Nan was given the antique ("her grandmother" in the United States). The translator translated the word "Nan" to "Nanny". Probably many non-English speaking Israelis are asking why the nannies are so generous in England.

I was watching another show where they talked about the late Lady Di and how he had spoiled his two young sons. The translator wrote in Hebrew "Lady Di" diapers for boys. Get this? The translator should miss the word "pampered" for the Pampers diaper

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