What are the most important for the language course to be effective? Is this a qualification of teachers? Did the language they teach speak their mother tongue? Is this their communication skills and their sense of humor?

I think all these factors are indispensable for any foreign language course. If your teachers are not specialists and if you lack the teaching experience, your learning outcomes will be poor and learning is time-consuming. If you have native speakers, you will have the opportunity to hear real foreign speech and get better communication skills when traveling abroad. Last but not least, if teachers are bored and bored of their work, if they are not taught passionately, their students do not even learn passionately. Learning lessons are a real torture for both students and teachers. Boredom is contagious.

Other factors also determine the success of a language course such as the price of the course, the location and accessibility of the school, the sculpture and mood of the classroom, the number of students in a group, and probably many others. They are secondary to the three most important ones listed above and can vary in quality and quantity as they are individual and specific in all language classes. But they should not be underestimated, because if they are not balanced, the course will be ineffective and undesirable, classrooms will be empty.

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