If you have a lifetime of Y in your life, or if you spend a lot of time in SMS, IM (instant messaging) or BBM (Blackberry messaging), you will probably know what the following abbreviations are: 19659002] LOL




If you do not know what it means, here's the translation:

Laughter aloud

On her mother's shoulder

Parents are watching

Moving on the Earth laughing

We are living and working with a whole new generation of languages, and soon there will be classes "how to talk in Y". Some people ask him, "Why would I still want to learn to speak in their language?" There are a few reasons:

  1. When we know that we speak the language of one's culture, we can easily connect to each other.
  2. While learning the "Gen Y Language", we will show that we understand and understand it.
  3. Today, until our lunch break, our Gen Y server said, "What are you doing in the rest of Friday?"

    I said, "I'm self-employed, probably this afternoon." The fifth generation gave me a blank look, then I realized I had to turn him over, so I said, "Let me translate Y. Gen , this afternoon "I want to blow it" and laughed and said, "Oh, I understand, this afternoon will be easy."

    Benefits as a generational expert, but I'm also in regular contact with Gen Y's children, so they're surrounded by them. "" So, how can you speak Y. Gen's language? There are three ways to do this:

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    1. Take a lunch with a Y genre and ask them for Y. Gen cooler for relax, but they also created "chillax", which means "chill and relax" at the same time. The word bomb means that it is not bad, and "peace" means goodbye.
    2. See TMZ, http://www.tmz.com YouTube with Gen Y celebrities like Justin Bieber

    The benefits of Y. Y's speech are many, including personality, have increased loyalty if you are your boss and of course you will be taking your "cool" factor.

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