To develop student language learning, develop the following habits:

1. Create a language community.

Try not to miss the class, especially at the beginning. Your class intends to create a language community: cohesion in the group influences that language exchange is rich in class. The missing class makes it difficult for this interactive environment. Keep a signing environment in the classroom. In class breaks before class starts and when deaf are present.

Listening to or playing ASL minimizes your reliance on English.

Leave your English (and your voice) outside the door. Try not to turn your head on as you listen to someone. It will be hard to do first, but as it becomes more fluid, the temptation needs to reduce. Do not worry about making notes. Instead, use the clock to immerse yourself in the language when interacting with your teacher and other students using ASL. The student's DVD and workbook help keep the language in the classroom.

3rd Focus on the report instead of unique signs.

When your teacher tells a story, gives instructions, or explains a concept, try not to worry about forgotten or unmarked. Instead, focus on what they say. If a given signal repeats again and again and still can not figure out its meaning, ask the teacher. Try to avoid translating English into your classmate. You will lose valuable communication experience that is needed to strengthen understanding skills.

4th Focus on your signature face, not for two obvious reasons:

First of all, there are many of your grammar in your face so that you really know what they are saying must see both the facial expression and the signed text; secondly, they consider the signature of the sign as rough while signing it.

5th Show me how to understand the signer.

Nodding to show you follow; confused look if you are not. Improve active tacit behavior as nodding, answering "huh" signs. "wow" or "really?" Students play a very active role in signed conversations. Actively listen to increase your understanding skills and optimize your learning. Participate as far as possible by adding, agreeing or disagreeing with your comments, etc. Follow all the conversations, whether you are a teacher, class, teacher, student, student, student. The more you buy, the more you will keep what you are learning.

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