Which foreign language?

On other occasions, it was said that a key question people ask for when learning a foreign language "which foreign language should I learn?" The reasons for acquiring or acquiring a foreign language may be as many and varied as the number of people themselves. Families, ancient origins, employment, business, education, travel, adventure, romance and other personal concerns can play a role in learning and pursuing foreign languages.

the most important, such as English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Japanese and German, obviously have no choice. But many students accept: "I hate learning a foreign language". Why? Here are the most frequently reported reasons for the first week.

The Seven Most Common Reasons

1. I could not practice regularly

"I know that teaching foreign languages ​​is a valuable skill, but nobody knows who is speaking and I can not practice":

2. Long Lists for Memorizing the Vocabulary

"Every week we get 50 oral plus long vocabulary lists in the classroom and can not keep up with commemoration."

3rd Illogical grammar rules

"The language and rules of foreign language simply do not make sense to me", complain about many foreign language learners. Lightened Pronunciations

"Whenever I try to talk in class, everyone laughs because I'm sorry to say my word."

5th Poor foreign language teachers

Our foreign language teachers are terrible. You hardly seem to know the language. Actually, you should not try to teach us. "

6. There is not enough resources available

" So what do we do with it (in a foreign language)? There are no good tapes, videos, songs, movies or games. It seems to me to be waste. "

7. Travel abroad is too expensive

" Hey, I want to visit a foreign country where I speak but I can not get a visa ":" Even if I got a visa I could never afford

Low Sensitivity Filter

If an English as a foreign language instructor does an efficient job, these are just a few of the many potential difficulties and objections that may need to be overcome, Students to Lower or Compensate Sensitive Filter to Provide the Most Useful of Language Learning Efforts by both Teacher and Students

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