Are you hot or not? Is this sexy smile targeted? Learn how to understand your flirtatious gestures. The interpretation of man's body language has never been easier!

1: Move your weight to the corner. It is in the mind that reflects the knee's trembling. One of the safest body language gestures that he is hot for you.

2: hand pointed toward the pool. If he has his hand in his front trouser pocket or his hand leans on his belt, he moves straight to the pool with his finger, then the man who looks at him moves to his feet. Her whole body highlights her lumbar in this extremely sexually transmitted body language.

3: Caressing your nose. When a man spies on a woman he is attracted to, then unconscious progress begins. Other body language gestures to be taken care of, embrace your clothing, rub a finger around your eyebrow, or a hand pass your hair. In addition to the tie, the nose is a phallic symbol.

4: He plays with his tie. The tie is basically a penis marker, bodybuilding experts say. If you start to play your tie or grab your tie, you have a great chance of being interested. If you start with yourself and admirably tie your tie, you will give her a very strong sexual signal.

5: He is sitting on the barstool with the footrest. By sitting this way, you have a great view of your feet. If you have to continue rock on the chair, look. Man's body language here is the most important thing in his mind.

6: He's standing on his hip. With this he emphasizes his greatness. If you occupy more space, it has a larger and more powerful look. During the cave dwelling, females selected larger males for better survival methods, which explains that many girls go for the powerful and strapped type. [7]: Swimming pool display. The more enthusiastic the guy is, the furthest the foot, regardless of whether he stands or sits down. It is a very primitive flirtatious body language and behaves in the monkeys' families as well. Basically, she presents her fantastic package, purely subconscious, of course.

The guys are doing basic primary urge, and they still know that they know the instinct's instincts. Men use the same body language as in prehistoric times, most of which can be observed in the animal world. Compared to girls, boys have a much smaller gesture of flirtatious body language, and those that are used are very easy to notice. Fortunately for us. Obviously, it's easier to read your body than your mind. Find the groups listed above for the very interesting flirting signs. Three or more, and he is yours!

Fortunately, we do not live in caves now, we can expect at least civilized gestures like a drink and conversation before going to the modern day equivalent of the cave

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