Flirting? Smiling? Eye contact? How to get flirtatious signs? Understanding your sexual body language has never been easier.

1: Getting Started: This is also known to ensure that you see the best. Being more straightforward, confused in the breasts, and stretching the breasts are spontaneous and immediate gestures that women are interested in. This will follow your skirt or dress, smooth with hair and jewels, and then disappear into the ladies' room. Adjusting and checking your appearance is a major sign of flirting your body language. If you catch him when you look at his ass when he's on the bar or starts fixing his hair when he turns his back, you know he's sexually interested.

2: Eyes. Your eyes tell everything. The flirting woman usually sends 3 side glances to the streets. You get a second look to confirm that you liked what they saw and a third if they talk to you.

For 4 seconds scanning. We are looking for interested people for 3 seconds or less. The strong sign of interest is that when she throws the shot for 4 seconds she looks at the way.

How does the flirting woman look like? This is even more important than it looked at you. If you look sideways or around the room, you have lost interest. If your eyes fall on the floor before they meet you again within 30 to 60 seconds, you have a chance. The downward eyes that are followed by a fat warning sign like playing or throwing your hair indicate that you like what you see.

If you look at your eyes and close your eyes, the flirting woman often raises your eyelids slightly and quickly. This is a very fine eye movement that says, "I look at you."

The zero-eye communication means zero link. It's time for someone else to move on. The raised eyebrows generally indicate some kind of question. The more you look in the eyes, the more attractive, the more confident and the more true. [3]: Feet. The legs can really indicate the true feelings of a flirtatious woman. Few people realize what they are doing under their feet because they are so far out of our cheeks. This opens a long way in the credibility scale.

Pointing to the toe, the flirtatious woman says she is happy to join her group.

Low defensive when passing a leg through the other, but as long as a foot is still pointing to you, it's still okay. Once he shakes his leg and begins to reflect his leg, it's a good sign that he likes you.

Legs between her legs are a manifest gesture of sexual body language. Even better, you have to bend your knees and tap your knees or legs while you are both standing. Both suggest strong sexual flirting messages.

4: Posture: The flirtatious woman pulls her shoulders back and her breasts move forward. One hand is located on a sexually pungent hip which is a flirting sign to join it. Her hands can be gestured on the back of the hip to emphasize her tiny waist. The C-shaped shape of the spine, at the bottom of your breasts and your bottom, is flirtatious with body language and invites you to check it.

The strongest sexual body signal is when it bends forward and brings the arm closer to its body, clamping its breasts and deepening the cleavage.

His necklace is played by another subconscious flirting gesture. Conquering your necklace with jewelery will prompt you to give your breasts a definite erotic signal for you to flirt when you start stroking your throat, neck, or upper chest. The signal is even stronger if you combine the smoothing with a cervical arc. Turning his head to show his neck better, it means that he starts to trust you. The "loving zones" of the throats and neck, places where nobody else touches. Her neck or chest is caressed by the breasts.

5: Playing with her hair is a haircut of her hair, her fingers crossed through her hair, and the strongest sign of body language is flirting and throwing her hair so that she can see you reach her.

6: His legs: Women often sit on their feet to be sexy, cheerful or just show them. The higher the leg is through the thigh, the stronger the sexual sign. If he smiles at you, he is eye contact and resting with one hand on his lap, this is a very strong sexual body language. Bridging your thighs is another common sign of anticipation for women if they are in a company that is sexually attractive.

Sitting on one side with legs hanging out, she makes an obvious attempt to keep her feet long and be good for anyone watching. The more often he crosses his leg and faces him, the better his chance. The more thighs you make, the more likely you are warm.

If you're in a bare-footed position, you're on your toes if you think there are attractive men. Thus, his leg looks longer, his body is slimmer and overall feminine.

7: His wrists and palms: women lighten their wrists to someone they care about. While he or she is playing hair or hairdresser, make sure he wraps his wrists out with his palm. As you wake your wrist, he says, "You can go with you."

8: Want to kiss her? If you do all this, then the answer is probably YES!

Licking her lips. When something wobbled up, it tightens the lip for everyone.

Eating and drinking sugared, sucking and licking fingers. All ways to advertise their talents.

Tears her mouth. Everyone's lips silence when we turn them on to make them more aware and more likely to play with them.

Approaching your head to yours: This is almost always an invitation to kiss.

Tilting His Head: Placing on the Subconscious.

9: Do you want more? At the end of the meeting, look at your intentions with this little test. Step toward him, then step back fast. If you are interested, you are now moving forward to close the gap without noticing that you are doing it.

Another trick is to try to make your voice whisper. If he stays where he is and yells for you, he will not be closer.

What color your dress says about it:

Red: He is happy to be the center of attention and not afraid of feelings.

Black: Stylish, Elegant and Original

Beige: Uncertain

White: Look At Me

Navy Blue: Business

Light Blue: Bright pink: fragile

The art of flirting and interpreting sexual body language has never been so easy to understand. Never miss the situation again! Apply for these dating tips and go now!

Good luck, Coco Swan.

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