With the expansion of the Internet, the language translation market is expected to continue to grow at a staggering pace of 30%, from the current $ 30 billion to $ 40 billion. The number of translators and interpreters is expected to increase by 20% by 2014. Here are some tips for translators working with translation agencies.

Let's take the trial seriously

If the translators turn to the translation bureau, it's common for the agency to ask for a trial. The test test content is usually based on the background of the translator and often requires special knowledge and skills. The quality of translators and the background of translators are the most important factors in the agencies' interest. However, regardless of the quality of work, the translator ratio is also critical. It is important that translators objectively criticize their own translation rate. The quality of work and the rate of translation requests do not change too much. There is no harm to request information from agencies, such as the reference value for translation ratios. If possible, ask the agency to carry out work done by other translators who have passed the test run and their proportion as a reference. There are many translation jobs that require different levels of skill. As long as the quality of the work is the same as the speed, the attention of the agency is kept in mind and informs you if there are proper tasks.

Translate Speed ​​Structure

When you start as a translator, the translation process may require time and pain. However, due to the tenth translation of similar types of documents, such as a contractual agreement, you find more confidence and experience in translating similar documents. The basic vocabulary and terms used in the contract are standardized. The most important thing is to pay close attention to all translations. Further efforts need to be made to find related words and phrases. After the tenth job, translation speed and accuracy will improve.

Before starting the translation, make sure that you know the content, estimate the end time and any additional time for any unexpected event that may occur during the translation time. Observe accidents such as loss of Internet connection, energy management, computer virus infection, etc. Untitled document. For example, add 3-4 hours for a further time for a translation that requires 10 hours. In the event of unexpected accidents, you will buy certain insurance.

In some cases, the translation agency may ask you to finish the translation shortly after the customer's urgent need. Check with the agency what exactly time is needed to get the translated document and negotiate a favorable delivery deadline. All urgent documents should be handled with extra care. If you have a chance to think that you can not complete the translation within the specified time frame, do not try to work. Otherwise, you can not only put the agency in a tight place, but also lose your agency credit.

Delivery Format

Regardless of the source document format, it is important to know how accurate the full format format is. In addition, you must know in advance if the delivery format requires "Source Language" and "Target Language" or only the translated document without the source document. When translating, translators usually keep the source words in the same document as paragraphs translated into paragraphs. After proofreading, the source words are deleted, leaving behind the translated words. Customers typically only require translated text. However, there are clients who are requesting source words in the document for their internal control.

Implement Quality Control (QC)

Translators should never attempt to submit translations without verification. Translated documents must be reviewed at least 3 times before submission. To my knowledge, there is no translator who first attempted a domestic career. Common mistakes by translators are missing from the sentence, incorrect numbers, bad word selection, bad symbols, and bugs. Microsoft Word has a spell check feature that says suspicious words in red and green. Watch them because the word or phrase is likely to require repair or modification. Even small mistakes can leave a bad impression on the agency, which can damage mutual trust. Evaluate all the work you have given and take them seriously, regardless of working size. This is an important step in creating a great relationship with translation agencies. While recognizing translators & # 39; work and effort, the agency offers more work to the so-called favorite and valuable translator.

Link to other translation jobs

Agencies may request a translation of a part of a document that someone else has translated. It's usually not easy to translate and mix with someone else's work. Nevertheless, if you have a good working relationship with the requesting agency, it is best to do them a favor. Otherwise, it simply dismisses the job.


Each agency has its own practice of paying. Before you can get a job from a new agency, make sure they know their payout dates. It is generally acceptable for the translation agency to pay for the first assignment within 5 days. You can follow the usual practice of the agency for these jobs. Payments may be disordered when payment delay is overdue. That is why it is important for the agencies you work with to pay in time. In some cases, invoices with translators do not necessarily correspond to the values ​​given by the agency, which may be due to the currency exchange, the currency exchange, the currency exchange, bank transfer fees, bank administration fees or even the agency have forgotten to include certain payments etc. There are a number of financial templates (usually in the excel spreadsheet) on the Internet Change the nature of your work


this month, it may help to provide some insight into those who become a professional translator. Keep communication with the agencies and work to build a strong working relationship

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