Why is it difficult for Arabic translation to be difficult?

Without disagreement, Arabic is one of the hardest languages ​​in the world. So the translation in this language. The main reason for the difficulty is that the Arabic language does not take up the developments and refinements on modern business and technology issues. Technically developed language can easily be named. In the absence of technology, the Arabs also turn culturally backwards, as technology has had no impact on many aspects of Arabic culture.

This is why a technically rich, such as English-language localization will be very difficult to cope with, it is difficult to handle boundaries between technologically rich and non-rich languages. A good example in business terminology is that there is no difference in the Arabic language between "management" and "administration". Both are called the "Idara" in Arabic. Using this word for both expressions merely calls ridiculous ambiguities because the words "administration" and "management" are used in two different ways. Similarly, only one word is "Hisaab" in Arabic for the English "calculation" and "calculation". The real problem is that when you use these terms you will completely lose the meaning you are trying to pass in Arabic.

In addition to the above, some additional problems are moving around the Arabic language. One major problem is the lack of Arabic-language research to develop computer resources that are needed in a modern IT environment. There is no source that can control Arabic language learning, OCR (source for optical reader), and search engines. The point is, there is no standard. Translation into Arabic is a dangerous process that does not contain clear requirements and methods to follow. Translators are just following their instincts, saying they're right and wrong, and are often unable to convey the message they want to convey, and for the same reasons, most Arab organizations use their English language in brochures, flyers, web pages, and other advertising and knowledge, because they can not express themselves in Arabic. That's why you need to hire a professional translation agency for your Arabic translation needs


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