Information about you or your business needs to be accurately and flawlessly translated as it determines the image you are planning. Mystranslation may pose a serious risk to the company's reputation and may have a detrimental effect on its business.

Further progress in globalization means that quick access to accurate information should be maintained not only for large multinational organizations. The growing number of companies compete internationally. Incorrect expression, bad number, or seemingly innocuous inaccuracy may cause the company to take unacceptable risks. Therefore, when selecting a translation company, you must check that the chosen service provider has significant knowledge and experience in financial, accounting and banking sectors.

And of course, the more they know the translation process, the better the finished product. With this in mind, we have compiled a set of definitions and commonly used terms that will help you with the knowledge that can help you select the compiler company.

What is the translation?

Translation is one of the written language into another written language without altering the meaning, register or shades of the source language and without additions or omissions.

What is the translation translation?

This is an interpretation technique and language. A special ability, the translation of the visuals is most often used when the essence of a letter or document is to be determined urgently.

What is the source text?

The source text is the text to be translated.

What is the source language

Source language is the language from which the source text should be translated

What is the target text?

Target text is the translated document

What is the target language

The target language is the language into which the source text should be translated

What is the certified translation?

Authentic translation is a translation by a certified NAATI compiler and one that the source text is true and correct

What is accreditation?

In Australia, accreditation is a verifier assigned by NAATI to individuals who have demonstrated a certain level of interpretation or translation ability, social-ethical and ethical issues. There are three levels of accreditation: the "Professional" and the "Paraprofessional", which are performed on both exams or courses and the "Recognition" based on the interim measurement of rare or emerging languages,.

What is reverse translation?

Back Translation is the translation process from the target language to the source language by the second translator. Reversal does not always ensure accuracy, as the second compiler will not make mistakes, such as faulty numbers, and actually make mistakes in the text. Each language allows word flexibility, and this choice can only be considered as accurate by understanding the original text.

What is Understanding?

This is a test that allows speakers to understand the meaning of the translation

What is control?

This is a written translation section where the draft is compared to the source text and all information is confirmed to have been reproduced accurately.

What is foreign information?

This is a translation material, but it is not explicitly found in the source text. This information is considered necessary by the translator to communicate the source text message. This can be called translation remarks.

What is gisting?

Gisting is the process by which a rough or sketchy translation of a text is passed to provide an insight into the subject's theme and general content

What is idiomatic translation?

This is where the meaning of the original text turns to forms that, most accurately and naturally, preserve the meaning of the original text.

What is interlinear translation?

Interlinear translation is a translation form where every line in the source text has a direct line that literally translates verbatim into the target language.

What is literal translation?

Verbatim translation is a type of translation, where forms of original text remain as far as possible

What is a loan translation?

This is the process of borrowing and reporting the major part of the source word

What is the localization?

Localization means that a product is tailored to a particular room, ie the target market, language, cultural norms, standards, laws, and requirements.

What is machine translation (MT)?

Mechanical translation; (a) a translation by a computer program; b) use a translation program to translate text without human scanning in the actual translation process

What is Native Competency?

This means that a person has an oral and written commander for a person who has learned the language as a child and continues to be the language of his normal use, but who also has language training.

What is AUSIT?

AUSIT is the Australian Institute of Translators and Translators – Fully independent association designed to promote the highest standards in the translation and interpretation business.

What is NAATI?

NAATI is the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters – the examination board and accreditation body for interpreters and translators. Australia

What's Changing?

Review of the text is in progress to identify errors, inconsistencies, incorrect grammar and punctuation, wrong or inappropriate sty and compliance with the source text

What is text translation?

This is a text translation that matches the original words of the original as closely as possible to the individual words.

What is the word number?

Text Size to Measure Text Size Based on Source or Target Language

What are the benefits of translating the documents professionally? the documents must be submitted to a governmental authority, then translated by a NAATI accredited professional translator. However, even if your documents do not need to be certified, using a professional translator to translate your site, brochures, user manuals, or legal contracts will benefit from being accurately, professionally researched and presented and targeted to the reader's needs.

How Long Does It Take translating a document

This depends on the type of language, text, subject, and service required.

How Much Does It Cost?

depends on the language, size, complexity of the text, and the type of service required.

What is localization?

This is a product, software or text adaptation to a target market, language, and culture.

What kind of compiling companies do I need to be careful about?

Spelling and grammar errors on their website should be the first warning signs. Lack of response to your e-mails, I get an answering machine regularly when they contact their office and the lack of explanation can be a question of quality control. While you may not be able to say how good the quality of translation is, you have to expect at least one basic customer service when dealing with a translation company.

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