Due to the huge size and size of the population, Indonesia will dominate the Asian economy over the next few decades. More and more new businesses are coming to Indonesia. Indonesia is the Indonesian Indonesian language. Although people in large cities speak English most of the time, Indonesian learning has great advantages:

1. Indonesian people are more attached to you if you speak in their own language. This is especially important when doing business there. Understanding culture and language is the key to business success.

2nd The Indonesian language provides insights into Indonesian cultures. Understanding how language works can help you understand the people you are dealing with. This is especially important in business negotiations.

3rd There are sentences and sentences that do not have the equivalent of English translations. Or if they do, the report will be slightly different. You do not want this to happen especially when dealing with legal documents or important reports.

4th Not all Indonesians speak English. Mostly in small towns and rural areas, Indonesians speak Bahasa Indonesia or speak in their own dialect. Even if they speak Indonesian, their accent can not be easily understood. You do not want to buy or say something you do not intend to tell.

5th Bahasa Indonesia is a fairly easy language learning. There is no time and gender nouns. However, there are different types of prefixes and suffixes. Bahasa language learning can be simpler than writing. According to our experience, within 30 hours of intensive, directed learning, students are able to develop independent sentences and speak Indonesian language skills.

6th Indonesia has beautiful works of art such as pantu, her, puisi, gurindam, and . These are all kinds of poetry. In addition, there are many interesting tales and traditional folklore in Indonesia.

7th When you learn Bahasa Indonesia you can understand Malay. Because of its roots, there are similarities between the two languages. Of course, the vocabulary is not exactly the same, but you have the opportunity to know how to speak Bahasa Indonesia, you will be able to understand Bahasa Melayu as well. Killing two birds with a stone.

8th Learning language is always an investment. Bahasa Indonesia is no different. You can travel in beautiful Indonesia without worrying about communicating with natives.

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