Body language or multi-disciplinary "non-verbal communication" is the most ignored part of communication with others. This is the subconscious human interaction that can produce delicate traces not only from human emotions. You can betray or confirm the truth under everyone's word.

All this makes it clear that interpreting human body language is key to interacting with others. You can send more messages than you ever imagined. And this can lead to the right direction, make it more successful to avoid pitfalls during the negotiations.

In addition, knowledge of reading body language can lead to better relationships, less stress and greater self-confidence when interacting with others.

It is understood that interpreting non-verbal communication and body language requires careful attention to fine signals. It's as simple as it sounds to be more common than anything to ignore the signs that are not paying enough attention. Though he's right in front of a colleague or friend, he's just concentrating on and tracking down the traces that make it possible to figure out the true meaning.

This article focuses on stress on three great people. In the future, I'll post more body language so you can bookmark or sign up freely:

1. Key: Neck or Chest Coverage

This is one of the most common sign you have ever noticed in conversations with friends and colleagues. Women tend to do this more than men. This, of course, is a subconscious reaction that reveals stress. In most cases, the topic is concerned about future problems or is awakened by some kind of approaching danger. This is also a sign of insecurity. Insecurity can be related to a particular situation or to respond to a general stressful problem.

A similar conscience that leaves stress, plays around with neck or jewelery.

Another important conclusion in the following areas:

It may or may not be associated with the flushing or redness of the same areas and may not be present in stress exploration. the body language that reveals the stressful person touches the belt. This will, of course, happen when the person is in a seated position and it is difficult to observe when sitting behind a chair. However, pay close attention and will be able to read this important signal that can deliver an anxious or frustrated person.

Taking his hand away from the arms of the chair and placing it in his lap can be a conscious development of consciousness that reveals the stress not to face a problem. Also, remember that stress can come from lying about a part of a story that is betrayed or generally violated by ethical rules.

3rd document: touching the face

face and neck, hair / eyebrows, forehead or mouth-covering symptoms are all the signs of general stress.

These signals are usually present at maximum stress moment. Usually, they are related to a person who is questioning a certain person who asks, conceals the truth or deals with a situation that obviously exceeds his mental capacity.

Spotted rash on the face, lack of hairspray or scratches may also reveal the same meaning, even if you do not pass this trace in the interaction.

Body language is very complicated and difficult to interpret, unless you put your eyes to the center of attention.

but it becomes obvious because it can oppose and create a defensive situation. If your friend or your family is worried or worried about a problem, you will know, without telling them directly and helping them.

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