Body language is an essential factor if you want to overwhelm your voice to hear someone else. Regardless of the type of personality, culture, language, and education, body language knows and will speak much more than words, for students. There are general movements such as the frightening expression of smiling, blushing, or fears from the human biological composition and of the same importance in all parts of the world, in any culture. For this reason, they are called universal gestures.


Everyone is born with a great smileiness regardless of culture or place. There is no doubt that every person has a unique smile, but overall, every person who smiles working faces when he or she wants to convey a positive message. People smile for a variety of reasons, either embarrassing or joyful, reassuring, or smiling in complicity. There are false mosquitos and the real ones. If you see a smile that is not just the movement of the mouth in a smileous form, but also the wrinkled eyes in the outer edges, that smile is felt that shows joy or love.

Needless to say, disturbance signals its presence by blushing. What happens when a person is blushing? Blood passes through the chest and face, so confusion is red. Again, regardless of location or culture, this gesture will always find the disruption. To check it, take some slow, deep breaths to regulate nerves and blood flow. Remember, however, that the disturbance is blurred with winter cold, excessive heat in summer, or that natural blushes are always there.

When people shrug their shoulders, involuntarily use this gesture to somehow defend themselves. The full shrug spins the head into the shoulders, the sides of the mouth face down, the palms face up and raise the eyebrows. Such a shrug may either indicate indifference or contempt, insecurity or confusion.

Everyone in the world recognizes crying as the general sign of sadness. Crying is a natural instinct, derived from the human biological composition. For example, an infant's first action immediately cries after birth because it has disappeared from the uterus's comfort and safety. The baby was crying, without learning to cry, she was born with this ability.

There are other universal gestures as well as hundreds of other small and unique gestures for a particular person. However, even with universal gestures, you need to look at the whole body and look at what other body parts do to ensure they know what attitude they express.

Body language is an essential element of human behavior and plays a unique role in intercultural communication. You can betray or support words, learn about your thoughts or personality, or simply relax with a warm smile. If used well, you can manipulate public perception or allow you to get to know the person next to him. Sometimes body language is more than words, you just have to pay attention.

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