Arrf, Woof, Bow-wow! Have you wondered what these dog sounds mean Do you think your dog is trying to say something very important to you? Well, maybe he can find out. Japanese Toy Takara claims that the new dog-translator of Bow-Lingual actually translates dog sounds into human words and phrases.

The device consists of two parts: a radio microphone that connects to the collar of the dog, the owner who says that translates the dog bark. The translator is able to translate rumble, groans, and whims to phrases such as "I am hungry", "walk" and "I am tired". Expressions and illustrations are also displayed on the LCD's LCD monitor. Although sentences are far from complicated sentences, they write a reasonable job what the dog wants or thinks.

Bow-Lingual has a data translation mode that allows the owner to track the dog's perceived emotion over time. The dog translator includes a Body Language Translation mode, a training mode, and a medical reference mode. It uses 5 "AAA" batteries, and the first kit is usually included.

So how does Bow-Lingual occur in human conversation? Well, the device uses a device known as the animal Emotion Analysis System. This basically means that there is a large database of dog sounds that are translated into the human language by dog ​​experts. So, when the dog gives a special tone, the device will match the closest sound to its database and equalize human equivalence. Thus, the accuracy of the device depends to a great extent on the expertise of the experts before they can correctly assign words and phrases to barking the dog. And that, of course, is far from perfect science.

The device was originally sold for more than $ 150, but it is now available for $ 40-50. At this price you should try out if you're wondering if your hairy best friend is trying to tell you.

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