How do you really know if you can trust a translation certification program? Is there only one thing to look for or check to make sure it is authentic, well-known, practical, and worth filling out? The short answer is not, it is not easy to say so we write this article to advise on this topic.

While a number of translation certification programs exist in the world, the two most popular and globally popular Certified Translation Professional (CTP) and ATA programs are practiced by professionals in many countries. If you evaluate these programs or other regional programs, what would you show them to make them more credible than they do? Below, we list the features that help certification programs make the participants more advantageous while making them credible:

  • Career Coaching
  • Global Participation and Evidence of Satisfied Clients [19659005
  • Study guides and / or curricula
  • Keywords to be reviewed in the selected readings
  • Email and Phone Support for Participants
  • Audio Expert Interviews

An overview of the features of the translation certification program helps you determine which certificates are more credible than others. We do not particularly question program sponsors about each resource and whether they offer something in these areas because each part will help in your career progress.

The advice we give on this topic is cautious that you are calling yourself a certified translator in countries such as Canada or other countries where legitimate restrictions are available under the addresses that you can enter in a given country or country.

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