It seems very easy. Just put the CD or ribbons, rest in bed, and learn English (or another foreign language) while you sleep. Have you seen the ads that say "Learn English while sleeping" or promise "easy" language learning when listening to a tape or CD while you are resting or resting? English language learning in foreign or second language (EFL, ESL) progressive TEFL English and foreign language teachers, foreign language learners, and education administrators need to continually increase "English learning" (or another foreign language). To better understand the processes involved first look at each one individually.

What is sleep?

Sleep condition is usually "a resting state in which the body is not active and the mind is unconscious." The Webster's New World Dictionary (third edition, 1989) recommends a wider definition of "sleep: natural, regular the state of rest is a rest for the body and the soul, in which the eyes are generally closed and have no or only conscious mind or volunteer movement, but sometimes dream. "

Sleep is similar to death: the Holy Bible (NWT, 1981) in John 11:11 Jesus says, "My lazarus or friend rested, but I would go there to awaken from sleep." In verse 14, Jesus clarifies the concept of "sleep": "At that time, Jesus said openly to them," Lazarus is dead. "In describing death, the Bible continues in Ecclesiastes 9: 5:" Living is conscious that they are dying , but they do not know the dead at all. "Sleep is typically a state that usually is not conscious thinking. He slept well on a certain thunder storm, a series of auto-alarms, an explosion, earth-shaking (smaller earthquakes) or dogs lounging aloud at night. Absolutely unconscious, right? For further clarification, here are some features of human sleep

Sleep characteristics

Sleep characteristics in humans: [19659002] o Sleeping, if possible, despite sleep, is almost possible in the position of astronauts and sleep research centers .

o The eyes are closed, but sleep is unclear and / or disturbed

o We can not hear anything or knowingly respond to external sounds depending on level, depth, and sleep

o Slow, rhythmic (19659002) o Muscles are completely relaxed, except for the changed state of dreams or the reaction of dreams or abnormal physical states.

o Man may occasionally change the changing positions

Sleep stages [19659002] passes through five stages or sleep levels. Each section has distinct features and determines how the brain and body are capable of.

o First Section – 4-5% Light Sleep. Muscle activity slows down

o Second step – 45-55% Breathing and pulse slow down. Body temperature decreases

o Three stages – 4-6% Deep sleep. Slow Delta Waves Begin

o Four Sections – 12-15% Very Deep Sleep; Brain Manufacturers Delta Waves

o Fifth Section – 20-25% Rapid Eye Movement (REM); dreaming happens

Why are we sleeping?

Sleep usually allows more vital functions. This is a basic physical and mental state that we can not miss. Our sleep allows us to:

o Improving Muscles and Other Tissues

o Aging or Removing Dead Cells

o The brain has the potential to organize and archive memories and partly to make data and memories short-term or long-term memory

o Reduces energy consumption (the desired enzyme production balance, ie blood sugar levels, electrolyte levels, etc.)

o Recharging the brain (reducing body fluids and enzymes and lymphatic system during sleep) 19659002] How much sleep?

Most young adults need sleeps of 7-9 hours per night, but the amount of sleep required may vary depending on age, daily activity, nutrition, nutrition and other physical and / or psychological factors. The lack of sleep can have a direct impact: o short-term memory

o performance

o efficiency

o physical health

o emotional health

abnormalities, the effect of sleep on learning and cognitive competencies concerns.

In the next part of the series, "Learning a foreign language while sleeping: theoretical approaches," we look at both the recent and current language learning theories and approaches, and some seem to provide some support for these claims.

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