You must enter a second language in the grammar school. Most of the students are Spanish because this is the only one that is offered, it seems easy to do what everyone else does or for whatever reason. The question is whether you can really learn Spanish in high school?

If you've been in Spanish at school for years or you know someone, it would probably be a big surprise if any of you knew more than some greetings, you could even talk. This sad truth is that most people who took Spanish or another language, even if they took all four years, can not talk about it after high school. What is the point of accepting a language that you will soon forget? There is no point in learning something you will never use.

In fact you can learn a little Spanish in high school. All this depends on how you teach and what you are giving. The teacher has a lot to do with this. If they only teach you a bit and do not practice enough exercise, you will learn very little. A teacher that forces you to always talk in your language and talk frequently, it does a lot of work, and the vocabulary exercises will be much more effective.

If you really want to increase their learning in the Spanish grammar school, there are some things you can do. First, learn all you teach. Do not just perform tasks and study the tests and the quizzes. Master the vocabulary and practice of regular speech, reading and writing. Go beyond and beyond what you learn in class. Add a new vocabulary, practice verbs, view the Spanish channel, and just drill your tongue into your head.

Another problem with language learning in high school is that you often forget most or everything you've learned. There is only one way to avoid this if you are studying any language. Use it or lose it. If you stop using the language, you will forget it. Second language learning is not like cycling. You do not remember life if you stop using it. The longer you go through the hearing or without the language the more languages ​​you lose. So if you really want to take advantage of the Spanish classroom, go to Spanish!

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