The Caribbean is made up of different islands. Most Caribbean countries speak English while others speak other languages. Creole is widely spoken in the Caribbean. Creole, as is often defined, is a language or speech that occurs when two or more different languages ​​are in contact with a new, simplified speech mode, typically by a group, so that better understanding and communication between the groups. The language's creolized form often uses a different syntax and pronounces other words that are completely different from the language or languages ​​from which it originates. As can be seen in the definition of Creole, creole is not limited to English. Creole can be used to define two or more foreign languages ​​that combine with creolized speech mode.

Creole language in many Caribbean countries in the Caribbean was created when African and European influences came into contact and people needed a common language to communicate.

The word pidgin is also used interchangeably with the word Creole. Both words are essentially the same. It should be noted that some of the speakers in the Creole languages ​​do not list their languages ​​as Creole or Pidgin languages. In fact, speakers often speak the language, often running the gamut. The speakers in the Creole languages ​​often use their language in different names; the words "dialect" are often used to describe the language they speak. In fact, the situation is no different in the Caribbean. There are a number of languages ​​in the Caribbean, English is the most common language. In the Caribbean there are also many cultural diversity.

Another factor that is the effect of Creole (dialects or other forms of such languages) is the fact that foreign languages ​​are in contact with one or more languages ​​(or other foreign languages) as a new simplified conversation. These foreign words & # 39; so it was alien to a language, but not to the other language. The new creolized language combines elements of two or more languages, but words from one language typically become more common in use; as it is a kind of speech that has helped different groups understand each other and communicate.

It should also be noted that creole is limited to the Caribbean. Worldwide phenomenon. For simplicity, only the Caribbean came into being in this article.

The Caribbean is made up of different islands. Some islands speak English while others do not. Most Caribbean countries speak English while other countries speak other languages. However, many Caribbean countries speak Caribbean Creole. People determine that they often talk, as changing names also see it.

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