Catalonia is an autonomous community and region in Spain whose capital is the historic city of Barcelona. Although Spain's majority population spoke Spanish, Catalan and Valencian, the official language of Catalonia and other regions, such as parts of France, Alguer, Italy and the country of Andorra. Catalan is a Romanian language in Indo-European languages. In 2001, it is estimated that 9.1 million Catalan speakers have been recruited from all over the world, about six to seven million from Catalonia, Spain.

In 1979, Article 3 of the Statute of Autonomy acknowledged the Catalan language as the official language of Catalonia, accepted as a mongrelian in Spanish and Castilian. In 1983, the Catalan linguistic normalization law prepared the standardization, development and application of the Catalan language of the Autonomous Region. Due to the widespread use of Catalan in mass media and cultural environments, the number of linguists has increased to 97% of Catalan population during this time. At present Catalan is integrated into the education system of the region, starting from elementary school and higher education.

Catalan language standards are currently governed by the Institute d Estudis Catalans. Since the Catalan language in Valencia, in Spain, is considered to be the official language, the linguistic difference was the cause of discrimination in Spain. The current reference to the teaching of the Catalan language was the grammar book and manual of Pompeu Fabra in 1918. Antoni Badia Margarit published a new grammar guide in 1995. At present Catalonia's language continues to flourish, along with the development of its region.

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