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A primary school has an average reading speed of 200 words per minute (wpm). By the time we reached the adult age, it did not improve much, as most adults read about 200-250 wpm on average. Although understanding in this sense is reasonable, at 250 wpm it will be difficult to read large amounts of information in a short time.

Some people read 10,000 wpm or even 25,000 wpm and say they still can understand what you've read. Despite the fact that these exceptional individuals are able to reach such speeds, the 1000-1200 wpm speed is the speed with which the contestants are reading the world championship races. Therefore, if your average reading speed is approaching anywhere, you think you're doing great work well. Do not feel that you need to reach the league levels to achieve your learning and reading goals. Each person must decide how far the speed limit is

The ability to increase their capabilities, 500-800 wpm goal is a great goal. At such a rate, a great deal of work can be achieved in a short time, and the level of understanding is about 75% or more. This is an excellent level of understanding and is likely to be more than adequate for any intended purpose. Likewise, compare the average reading rate of adults (200-250 wpm), where their understanding level is only half or slightly more than the material used.

800-1000 wpm would be an outstanding achievement. In order to reach this level, the individual could invest in an excellent speed reading course and practice fast drilling rigs. Believe it or not, understanding at this level is outstanding, reaching 100% or very close to 100%.

The 100-200 wpm results are considered as a basic reading rate. In adulthood this is below average, but children between the ages of 6 and 12 are considered as average. At this speed only a low level of understanding can be achieved. An adult reading at such a pace will be surprised to make some of the simple techniques to read speed. Reading at 100 wpm is likely to read someone who is still learning to read or perhaps someone reading a second or third language. In that sense understanding will be difficult.

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Due to the huge size and size of the population, Indonesia will dominate the Asian economy over the next few decades. More and more new businesses are coming to Indonesia. Indonesia is the Indonesian Indonesian language. Although people in large cities speak English most of the time, Indonesian learning has great advantages:

1. Indonesian people are more attached to you if you speak in their own language. This is especially important when doing business there. Understanding culture and language is the key to business success.

2nd The Indonesian language provides insights into Indonesian cultures. Understanding how language works can help you understand the people you are dealing with. This is especially important in business negotiations.

3rd There are sentences and sentences that do not have the equivalent of English translations. Or if they do, the report will be slightly different. You do not want this to happen especially when dealing with legal documents or important reports.

4th Not all Indonesians speak English. Mostly in small towns and rural areas, Indonesians speak Bahasa Indonesia or speak in their own dialect. Even if they speak Indonesian, their accent can not be easily understood. You do not want to buy or say something you do not intend to tell.

5th Bahasa Indonesia is a fairly easy language learning. There is no time and gender nouns. However, there are different types of prefixes and suffixes. Bahasa language learning can be simpler than writing. According to our experience, within 30 hours of intensive, directed learning, students are able to develop independent sentences and speak Indonesian language skills.

6th Indonesia has beautiful works of art such as pantu, her, puisi, gurindam, and . These are all kinds of poetry. In addition, there are many interesting tales and traditional folklore in Indonesia.

7th When you learn Bahasa Indonesia you can understand Malay. Because of its roots, there are similarities between the two languages. Of course, the vocabulary is not exactly the same, but you have the opportunity to know how to speak Bahasa Indonesia, you will be able to understand Bahasa Melayu as well. Killing two birds with a stone.

8th Learning language is always an investment. Bahasa Indonesia is no different. You can travel in beautiful Indonesia without worrying about communicating with natives.

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Hey man,

So, you do not know how to get your wife several times or even give his head. You do not have to worry, there are things you can do and it will be much more interesting. I'll give you three secret strategies to brainwash your wife to ask yourself. This may seem crazy, but it can be with me. The reality is that your wife would be happy to get her head every day, she does not even know. Let's do the business;)

1. The first strategy is the "fear" strategy. It works like this. Consists of two parts. The first part is vital to your wife's head: it must be as valuable as possible to his wife. It depends on something. It can be money, power, or just emotionally. If he needs you, he will do his best to keep it. It has power over it. It sounds cruel, but I guarantee it's in the best interest. Your job is to make valuable money as much as you can. You can do a better job, you can win more money, be in it all the way that depends on it. This is the first part, here is the second part: The fear of loss. If you are valuable, other women will become attractive and when that happens your wife will know that if she does not satisfy her sexual needs and wishes, other women may jump and take her away. He will do everything he can to prevent it. This is one of the ways your wife can give you more headaches.

2nd The second strategy is the "reciprocity" method. It works like this. Do not expect anything if you never give up anything. Give it and you get it. Begin by eating at least twice a week your wife. Eat out like no tomorrow. If you can always get the best sex, you will do everything to keep it. Plus, if you give her a big sex, she can make her more valuable. Not only that – but you will feel like you have to pay for something and pay back your big head. This is a very successful strategy for your wife to be with you.

3rd The third persuasion strategy is what I call "brainwashing". You will need brainwashing to give you step by step more headaches, bit by bit, and sooner or later you will love giving your head, and it seems like you are going to do this forever. He himself starts the blow. How can you enjoy the blizzards while brainwashing? Use the reward system. If you do something that you love and want to continue, you reward him. Help with generosity, kisses, help around the house, flowers, whatever you want – just do it after she did what you want, not before. This is very, very important. He always rewards him after he has given you his head, not yet. Do not use cheap, persuasive strategies to head up … they do not work.

These are the basic tips that help you get your wife's head. Make sure you look at other articles that also help improve your sex life.



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Many teenagers who go to high school are looking for part-time or full time job search for their pocket money. Work can be an experience building step if you already know what kind of career you want to do in the future. Nowadays high school students have a large number of jobs available. You only need an effective letter to be able to provide decent work.

In this article, I would like to present a sample of secondary school leaflet that would help high school students, especially juniors and elderly, who would like to get into the workforce

Your name

Your Address

Your city, state, ZIP code

Your Phone #

Your Email Address


Employer Name



City, State, Postcode

Dear Mr. / Ms Surname,

I am responding to the employment opportunities listed on your website. Please accept this letter and keep track of the evidence that I am interested in this work. I feel that my skills and skills are beneficial to the organization.

I recently attended high school from a well-known school. Now I'm looking for a respectable job that will contribute to my building career. Here are some of my key strengths that I would put in place. I am:

1. A starter.

2. Disciplined.

3. Excellent communicator.

4. Really willing and willing to learn new things.

5. Exceptional customer service.

6. Great teammate.

Accepting challenges is the foundation of life's experience and something I do trust. It boasts full-fledged personality, direct, spontaneous, and communicative. I can register, I can perform numeric calculations with precision and I need a few directions to accomplish the tasks. These are the qualities that are an excellent candidate for the post.

I am responsible for managing and organizing various important activities in my school. I also participated in many cultural activities. I have a working knowledge of MS Word, PowerPoint, MS Excel and the Internet.

I will evaluate your credentials. If you think you have a common interest, I can welcome the chance to meet you so that you can learn more about your business, the requirements of the position, and how my skills are right.

Thank you for your feedback


Your Signature

Entered Name

I hope my article will help you prepare a high quality and eye-catching high school student pass.

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If the DNS is incorrectly configured, over time, the mail IP address is added to the black list. Today, most E-Mail servers have some kind of spam protection feature, which in turn means that all incoming emails are blocked if they are listed in the spam blacklist.

This article describes how to correctly configure MX and reverse DNS records on the mail server. This article is based on an Exchange 2003/2007 server, but all other messaging servers follow the same principle.

IP Address Assignment

The bottom-up thing is the first thing you need to do to assign a static external IP address to the private mail address of the mail server. These rules must be applied to the firewall to pass SMTP (port 25) and NAT external IP address to the server's internal address.

Something that many system administrators forgot to do or control is an outbound NAT rule that uses the same external IP address for the incoming rule for the mail server. If this is not set, the Reverse DNS does not match and the mail server is listed on black lists. If the firewall rules are set correctly, the IP address on this page must match the IP address assigned to the mail server's internal private IP address.

Creating MX Records on Mail Server

The following listing of this example is all the details of a mail server that helps you understand what you need to do.

External IP:

E-Mail Domain:

Your administrator will be your domain's external DNS provider to make these changes . In most cases, this is through an online control panel through your DNS service provider. Failure to do so by phone or email

1. The first thing we need is to create a record that directs the mail server to an external IP address mapped to the firewall. The host The record can be called anything else, but usually it is called "mail". In our example, we create "" to show the IP address ""

2. We then create an MX record to show the record of our newly created mail server.

In the DNS Control Panel, select "Add MX Record". Make sure the host names are root domain name for ""

Set FQDN to the A record we create in our case "".

The lowest property is most preferred, but in our example, the priority is set to 10.

Using NSlookup to control DNS and MX records

The spread of DNA may take up to 48 hours, but in most cases 12 to 24 hours. Check your DNS entries and use nslookup

correctly. Open a CMD prompt and enter nslookup

2. Type set type = mx

3. Enter the domain name that is in our case .

In our example, you should read the output as follows if you install it correctly:


Unverified answer: Preferred MX = 10, mail exchanger = [19659002] internet address =

Configure Reverse DNS

to verify that the mail server is the one who says it. The recipient mail server performs a reverse search to make sure that the A mailbox IP address or the DNS incoming record is the same as the IP address you are communicating with. Only one RDNS entry may appear per IP address

To do so, you must sign up with the ISP to enter the entry. This can not be done on the DNS control panel unless the ISP receives the DNS and assigns functions to add your own RDNS records.

In this case, we will contact the ISP and advise you to create an RDNS entry for our IP address which resolves .

Check Reverse DNS

can take up to 48 hours for the spread of DNA, but up to 12-24 hours. To verify that RDNS entries are added and correct, do the following:

1. Open a CMD command

. Type Ping -a (This is the external IP address for your mail server, in which case we use your external IP address as above.)

If RDNS is configured correctly, do as follows:

C: UsersUser> ping -a

Pinging [] 32 bytes data:

SMTP banner

mail server connection with mail server , displays the SMTP banner. This banner must be unlocked on the Internet and the best practice is to have it as an archive / record.

SMTP banner setup for Exchange 2003

1. Open Exchange System Manager .

2nd Expand the Administrator Group ("First Admin Group" by default)

3. Expand the servers .

4th Expand YourServerName .

5th Expand Protocals container.

6th Select SMTP container.

7th Right-click in the right window to select the default SMTP virtual server (or SMTP server name) and

select Properties 8. Select Shipping card

9. Click Advanced button.

10th Type Fully Qualified Domain Name (A / Receive Record Created on Mailbox DNS)

11. Click OK and OK to accept the changes.

Configuring SMTP banner Exchange 2007/2010

1. Open the Exchange Management Console .

2nd Select Organization Configuration container.

3rd Select Hub Transport container.

4th Right click the Send Connectors tab.

5th Right-click on the connector you are sending and select properties .

6th On the General tab under set the FQDN, this connector … enter the name of the created A record domain. In our case . Click OK .

7th Under Server Configuration container, click Hub Transport container.

8th In the right window Select the properties of the Receive Connector on the Receive Connectors tab.

ninth On the General tab under set the FQDN, this connector … enter the name of the created A record domain. In our case . Click the button. OK

To verify the changes on port 25 when creating a connection 25, telnet can display the output. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open a CMD prompt

2. Type Telnet 25 .

The displayed output should be like this and include mail server A record:

220 Microsoft ESMTP MAIL service is ready for Sun on February 28, 2

010 17:51: 20 +0000

If you use a live server or SPAM filter like a Barracuda, the SMTP banner must be set on this device / server. 19659002] Check whether the mail server is on spam and / or an open relay

For a great site to verify MX records, RDNS, make sure the mail server is open and verify that is listed on spam lists . This is a great place and one of your favorites.

Following rows can successfully and correctly configure mail paths from the mail server and the mail server. The next step is too secure and ensures that the mail server is not an open relay. In the near future I will write a separate article for this purpose.

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Protecting the Overload of Hearing

The best you can do to protect your hearing ability to reduce the volume of unnecessarily loud sounds. Damage to hearing caused by hearing loss caused by environmental noise is known as noise-contaminated hearing loss or acquired hearing loss and is the second biggest cause of hearing loss other than aging. While many people take precautions when the shooting ranges are common, many of us usually do not understand that common loud voices can cause irreversible damage, such as machine shops, dance clubs, rock shows, and even road traffic, and can be dangerous. Be very careful and should preferably use earplugs or ear protection. It is recommended to keep the volume level low during home listening.

Solid Lifestyle, Solid Listening

A simple sign to determine if you hear hearing loss when asked if you want to repeat or raise your voice.

Sound happens when it damages our ears. There are many sounds in the nature of noise with our advanced society, and nowadays we get many different types of noise over and over again. In addition, our ears have not developed to protect the effects of noise in a viable way.

These sounds are overwhelmed if the decibels volume (dB) exceeds 85 dB, which is typical of our ear: 85 dB, and there is little danger of hearing loss. This usually means the volume of a vacuum cleaner or snoring. For example: – Above 85 dB the noise is damaged – and the higher you go, the more damage it causes. Sounds in a nightclub often reach almost 100 dB. Why is there a difference?

Exposure to loud sounds can cause permanent hearing trauma, hearing-late fatigue, tinnitus and even ears.

Besides protecting ears from harmful sounds, we can accept other good habits that lead to overall well-being besides the ear protection. For example, significant drinking can damage parts of your brain that are responsible for hearing, while smoking can seriously damage sensitive hearing aids in the inner ear by restricting blood supply to these fine cells

. In addition, a healthy and healthy lifestyle can prevent many health conditions, and other lifestyle disorders such as diabetes and hypertension may negatively affect hearing ability.

Manage your hearing ability as you treat the rest of your body [19659005] Visit your dentist twice a year and check your eyes regularly, but when did you last test your hearing ability? Hearing loss is not like pain in the teeth or poor vision, hearing loss occurs very slowly, and usually the other person who finds out and is not affected. The person concerned feels that the speaker is speaking quietly. Untreated hearing loss can, however, have a far-reaching and serious impact on our personal, social, and physical well-being.

Because they are consistent with the rest of your body, make sure your hearing ability is tested at regular intervals. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association suggests that adults should be continuously screened for up to 50 years and three-year intervals for decades every decade. If you notice hearing loss, schedule the time with a hearing care professional . They can confirm that the impairment of hearing loss is temporary and can be restored with medical treatment or at the beginning of permanent loss. Do not be afraid of hearing loss, one in three suffer more than 60 hearing damage.

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The religious conviction of ancient Egyptians was the decisive influence on the development of culture. The Egyptian faith was based on the collection of ancient myths, the worship of nature and countless divinity. They spent Sumerian lives in the service of the gods in the form of man-made sculptures. There was no organized set of gods; every city state had its own defenders, churches and priest kings. The Sumerians are probably the first to describe their beliefs that inspired much of later Mesopotamian mythology, religion, and astrology. The Sumerians thought the universe consisted of a flat disc, surrounded by a tin dome. While the Mesopotamians had nothing to renounce the pyramids, zigzags were used and built for religious purposes. Both civilizations focused on religion. Egypt believed many gods. The gods who were believed by Mesopotamia were absolute rulers whose people were full of devotion. In both civilizations, religious leaders received a very high status and were kept in great respect. Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt are two religions that believed in monotheism. Both Egypt and Mesopotamia were polytheists, meaning they believed that their worlds were dominated by more deities. Both civilizations thought the gods had created them. Both cultures believed that they themselves were created to serve their gods. The names of both believers of the many gods and cults that respected the gods, and in both religions the priests did not have special suits and made their daily lives in the churches and opened festivals every year to the public.

The Mesopotamian religion is the servants of the gods who have been forced to protect. The Egyptians believed that the gods were created by every human being, but based on the country or the principle of order. Contrary to the followers of the Mesopotamian religion, the Egyptians strongly believed in the latter life, which was expressed by the construction of such intricate graves as the pyramids. Sumerian afterlife entered a dark underworld to destroy eternity as Gidim (as a ghost). The Egyptians believed that their god made Egypt a sort of good and orderly refuge in the world of chaos and disorder. Much of the Mesopotamia god was a great heaven, Enlil god; later Enlil's worship was replaced by the Babylonian Marduk worship. For the Egyptians Amen-Ra was the most powerful deity, the leader of the pantheon. Statues of winged bulls were a symbol of God, Sin-Mesopotamia, while Ankh, a kind of crossing, a loop, a prominent representation of ancient Egypt's life. Enuma Elish tells Mesopotamian stories about creation and explains how Marduk became the boss of gods. The Egyptian book of the dead was a leader for the dead, creating magical spells and spells that can be attributed to the beyond. The ancient Nippur was the site of the main church of Enlil, while Babylon was the seat of the sanctuary of Marduk. Thébé and Karnak's temple complex was home to the worship of Amen Ra. In today's world, the remnants of these early religions are in Egypt's pyramids, the tombs of Pharaohs, and the Mesopotamian zigzags, the gods of the gods. The New Year's Festival was an important event in the Mesopotamian religion, while Egypt's most important festival was Opet. Since Egypt was the "gift of Nile" and is generally prosperous and harmonious, Egyptian gods reflect a positive religion, placing it on a positive lifestyle. Conversely, the Mesopotamian religion was bleak and grim. The ancient mesopotamian prayers show the lack of contact with gods and goddesses who have been suspicious of people and often sent disasters to remind all of their humanity. This was the message found in the Gilgamesh Epic.

Although the religions of the two civilizations showed many similarities, the differences were enormous. The most important are the importance and faith of the relationship between the afterlife and the gods. Because of these differences, we believe that civilizations were different because, in the early days, civilizations were grouped around their worship and values, but unfortunately these great civilizations were over.

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Trust is not what you see, but something you feel.

Everyone's life is always craving for an identity. As human beings, we always want to belong to something in order to be able to fulfill our instinctive aspirations to find who we are. Regardless of whether you are a CEO or an exclusive club, human nature is about to belong to something. Thanks to this identity, you will feel as if you're constantly looking for something. If you find your identity, trust will follow.

As a male we traditionally believe it is the responsibility to defend ourselves and others, and realistically only confident people are able to fulfill this role. Women love to know that they are protected, and as a result, they talk about men who facilitate these needs.

The first impressions are sure to count.

When you approach a woman, you say it's important. The only thing that matters more than you say is that you say that. As soon as you start talking to a woman or anyone else, you will be judged subconsciously. This is of course programmed. Before you have the chance to think about it, she has already formulated her first judgment when she met you.

If you get bored, you'll meet as if you're distrustful. If you feel nervous, you think you're nervous. Consider these things when you consider that you want to perceive yourself, and this makes it much easier for you to become self-confident. If he speaks clearly and intelligibly, he finds that the people's comments are changing, which will prove to be very confident.

Body language

Body language often says more about you than you literally say. Next time, if you are in a social situation, think of the things listed below and try to analyze your own body language. They will then be able to detect signs that cause any kind of anxiety and additionally change it to improve people's perception of you and your confidence as a whole.

  • If you constantly assess what's going on around you and not pay attention to your business, then it shows that it's uncomfortable.
  • Be eye contact. The nervous people tend to turn away from the viewers they talk to, so exactly the opposite, and maintaining the contact, further strengthens their confidence.
  • Surprised by the number of people who are quick to speak fast when they are worried. Replace at a moderate pace and find yourself more comfortable.

The importance of trust in women is one of the most important aspects of women's approach. People only perceive themselves, so they have a self-confident mentality and women make their confidence more attractive.

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How many blasts do you have in your web design?

Insect is always the stuff you can throw away and you will not miss it. In fact, when it cleanses trash, good things are visible, and this is especially true of business websites.

I find that the most fashionable thing is the popular slides. Accept the richest home page and do not offer practical business value. During my research on quality content, the image slide does not appear at all. Aesthetic use, but not practical business use, but it is sure to occupy a prime location.

What does the image slide do?

rotates 6 images (slideshow) rule. That is all. Maybe you think I'm too hard because there are beautiful pictures, but you'll find out the test.

The test is to cover the slider with a book or black paper to hide it. Now look at the rest of the page and see if you can tell what the page is. Whatever remains down without scrolling, you need to specify a headline or text that indicates what to expect on the page. Even product promotion and interpretation are better than any information.

Okay, just take the paper off the image slider and explore the rest of the screen as much as possible. What does the slider say? Do you have any clues about the rotating images that are interested in the page?

More Junk Earnings

All headers from King Kong are rising from the whole screen from ¼ to ½. Although a header is a necessary part of the website, it does not guarantee much more space than a stationary stationary.

The huge headers with big pictures just say one thing: "Let's see how big and important my site is because we do not have much to say."

And if this King Kong header is repeated on every page, it simply makes the problem more complex. We all know that a web design can shape a peanut stand like a store – no one is deceptive.

Disposal of Other People

Many third-party ads appear with their pictures or gadgets, a column, but they just keep away from what our site can offer on the market. The deal is that if these ads generate a sale for that third party, you get a tiny return. Sounds good, but our website does not attract many markets to our site with this rubbish, so there is no revenue.

Third party has the value of linking to their website, confirming their link popularity. Zilch is obtained.

Self-promoting eyes

Oh, now I've done it. I'm killing the marketing cow. Everyone says they are promoting their websites. You need to advertise your ads and be crazy and have to ask for sales and people need to fill in your shopping cart.

Well, it's time to see things in a different light because they're working on a web site, not in newspapers or on TV.

Newspapers are daily or weekly, the main day of television every day. Our site can only be viewed once and for a short time. To get visitors back, we need more than ads and intrusive sales. We can get advertisements and overwhelming sales throughout the day, but how often do we look for a site that can help us with our problems.

The actual cause of self-serving ads on our website is negative marketing. because our market members have already arrived. External ads or links have been brought to our site and the ads have done their job. Now, we do not need to be aware of our market. If anything, they will send more ads.

You need to talk to the market about your problems and how we can solve these problems. Why do not we do this? Perhaps most Internet merchants do not know what they are talking about.

Even good content can make trash

Our eyes are open. We see that the potential buyer should talk about the next step in the buying cycle. We talk about their pains and solutions and like that. It helps them, but has only 5 minutes, so please visit our website with a bookmark. Even better, we offer free white paper download if you give us a name and email address. Cool, we can pull them back later.

All of these good marketing ideas are provided by our web designer who immediately converts the text into small texts and fades the contrast. Our best marketing material was only rubbish because it is now difficult to read and skip it.

People do not like reading at the best times but make it harder to just give them excuses during junk

The web designer has to do everything else on the site to improve the text content that primarily attracts the client. Instead, the designer wants a perfect image that can be kept in hand so that eyeballs can appreciate balance and beauty even when sacrificing people reading the content.

Do you feel read through this article? Does it help you to change your web design? Do you have a head and heart with new ideas?

If so, then this is the sort of web content you want to write and market. You can do this when you first get rid of trash.

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We all met with people who speak accents. In a college mathematics class with a professor from another country, by telephone with a customer service representative at an outsourced call center, working with and collaborating with other employees in another country. We may be the person himself.

You may have asked him, "Why is this person with an accent despite being fluent in English?" Or perhaps, "Why should everyone tell me that I have an accent?" Well, the truth is, everyone has an accent. It only depends on where the world is and what the student is.

What exactly is the accent?

The accent is that someone is learning a second language and then applies the pronunciation and stress pattern rules from the first (or mother tongue) to the second. It probably sounds a bit confusing, so we can say it in a different way. The way we talk is very unique. Two people do not say the words and sounds exactly the same. Minority variants can come from different sound masses and intonation patterns. But it also comes from the habits of our lives. These habits shape how we will sound when we learn a second language. The focus that others hear when we talk about what happens when we use old language usage patterns from our first language and use them to master the new, second language. I have not learned to use the "new" habits associated with the second language. If you were born in India and are working for the United States, they will probably tell you that you have an accent, no matter how good American English is. The same is true for a visit to Paris and to speak in French. The person you are talking to will immediately hear the difference.

OK, what's next?

Now that we know what the accent is, what can we do to help people understand the accent? One way is to find Accent Reduction services. These services help you learn new ways to improve voice pronunciation in this second language. Although in reality, a person does not actually reduce accent. It's still there, but I'll be able to talk more clearly with the sound of the sound. This creates the perception that the accent is diminished or lost.

Reduction of accent reduction services for both individuals and small groups can generally not exceed 5, maximizing participants' benefits. Discussions can be packed into 7-week or 13-week workshops as well as 3-day intensive courses where professionals have limited time for meetings. These workshops can be connected to the site or elsewhere, such as your home or office.

In these workshops, they typically learn to learn the pronunciation of new tongues and vowels, as well as to learn new stress and intonation patterns. The workshops aim to help in clear communication and to better understand, NOT to "lose" the accent. Keep in mind that accent is not a negative one. You can show us a person who has spent time and dedication in acquiring new language in life; a daunting, yet wonderful task. Searching for accent related services only serves to enhance your communication experience and allows you to become an accent tool.

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