If you want to know how to change the language of your keyboard while using Windows XP, you will receive the appropriate article. This is pretty easy if you know how this is going to happen and you will end this article.

Of course, the first step is to sit in front of the computer on which I assume you've been reading this article since. Now that you sit comfortably, you can start changing the keyboard language.

first Click the Start button in the bottom left corner of the screen. This is a long, two-column menu. In the right-hand menu, click Control Panel.

2nd There are two options to show Control Panel icons: catergory or classic. You want a classic view. At the left of the Control Panel, you can see which view you are in. If you say that you switch to the category view, it means that you are now in the Classic view, which you want. If you switch to the Classic view, click this link.

3rd In the Control Panel, click the Regional and Language Options icon. This opens a small dialog box. Halfway is to change the keyboard language.

4th In this new dialog box, there are 3 tabs. It reads the middle languages. Click on

5. A button appears in the top half of the page that reads Details. Click this button. A new dialog box opens.

6th The Add button appears in the lower half of the New dialog box. This will open another dialog.

7th At the top of the screen, Combo appears under Input Language. Select the language you want to add, and then double-click OK.

8th Look at the bottom of the screen in the System Tray (bottom right corner) and the current language is displayed. Now press Alt + Shift to switch between the installed language.

Here it is. You have successfully changed the keyboard language.

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