I often heard my students or anyone who was interested in learning Mandarin complain: "Chinese language teaching is so difficult, I can not correctly pronounce and the characters are complicated in English." Yes, I agree that China is difficult but the hardest to start the learning process effectively and to have a good foundation for basic knowledge and skills. Then, if a student is on the right track, Chinese language learning will be much easier, the more you learn.

Can I suggest some key ideas to make things easier for students for the first time?

First of all, the basic terms have 4 tons of Chinese Mandarin, and each character has to exclude 4 of these tones. Without knowing this, Chinese pronunciation can be very difficult. If you want to master the pronunciation of Chinese characters, then one of the keys to learning is to practice sounds.

Secondly, the pronunciation of the Mandarin Chinese language is written in Latin, written in Pinyin. So many people find Chinese languages ​​written in English so they do not say it because they have to pronounce them as Latin. So the hard part is really remembering the Latin pronunciation of English letters and using them to sing every single Chinese character when they write Pinyin.

Chinese characters can not be pronounced directly because they have been discovered in ancient Chinese drawings over the past 5,000 years. To enter a Chinese character, you need to know the Pinyin alphabets written in the Latin alphabet, along with their voices. And when you remember a Chinese character, you need to remember how it looks and how it sounds. This sounds very hard at first, but with the practice it can increase 10 characters a day. I want to learn characters in words and phrases so that you can contact and practice what you have learned right away, even if you study at 1 block a day. If you keep the learning process long enough, you can know more than 2,000 Chinese characters a year, or in other words, 300 sentences that are enough for basic everyday conversations.

For writing Chinese characters, I suggest that you do not start this ability. This is because: this is absolutely essential, you can type Chinese characters on the computer with Pinyin, which is much easier. However, in order to learn the writing skills, you must first study the components and structures of Chinese characters and then practice handwritten paper. This can increase your efforts in Chinese learning is a huge, and years of commitment to mastering your skills. While living in digital age, Chinese characters are much easier and more effective.

When you go far and make every effort to master the Chinese language and practice, things get much easier. All you have to do is learn more about Chinese characters every day and practice them when you have a chance. Mandarin's grammar is much simpler than English; all you have to do is put the characters together in a proper way. Lastly, I would like you to have great experiences in learning Chinese and to have a long-term basic passion and effort for your study.

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