There are differences between language and communication. Although they have many communities, they differ from each other. Take the time to discover these differences.

What is communication?

Communication is the use of symbols to convey information. Communication is usually referred to as an act of forwarding. Communication includes many channels. During communication, we use all our senses. With sounds, sight, touch, smell and taste, we welcome the message of the outside world. We always communicate, though we do not always intend to. Even silence can communicate with something.

Communication is often very complex if it contains more than one signal. A sarcastic comment can be made with a smile. Communication is not limited to people. The animals are communicating with each other. The communication process can be described in theoretical models. Common elements of these theoretical models: Sender, channel, message, noise, receiver, feedback. The sender sends the message. The channel is used to transmit the message. Noise is any interference. The buyer is the intended recipient. And finally, the feedback is the buyer's response. In summary, communication is part of everyday life and is often something we consider to be self-evident.

What is the language?

Language is a system based on the grammatical basis. Language has grammatical rules routinely applied by professionals. This collection of rules describes the layout of terms. This includes the arrangement of worlds, clauses, sentences, and sentences.

Language rules include syntax, phonetics, phonology, morphology, semantics, lexikon and pragmatics. Semantics refers to the recognizable combination of words. Phonetics and phonology explain the pronunciation and the combination of sounds. Morphology repeats how the combination of word segments combines the whole. Semantics repeats the creation of reporting systems. It refers to the vocabulary. Pragmatism refers to the everyday social use of language.

Language is a kind of communication. For people, this is the most important type. Language is a communication tool that is used exclusively by people. Animals should not use the language rules. In the end, language is a versatile concept.

Briefly, language is a form of communication. This is a combination of grammar and semantics and noises so that those who have a common understanding can communicate with each other. Communication is any method by which people exchange information. Builder of communication and language are his tools. Language is a tool. Communication experience.

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