Sometimes a woman says something, but later she turns out to think something completely different. You saw that, did not you? For example, sometimes a girl says, "I just love guys who are taller than me." And then the next guy to see for a shorter period than a man like him.

Sometimes a woman says she wants to have dinner and want to buy a movie. Then she tells you the best date when someone took a walk on the beach.

Sometimes the woman says she is looking for a guy who does a nice, permanent job that can do it. And then he saw that he was scattered with a handful of dirty poverty who had no penny for his name. Whatever you look at, there are female hordes who claim to please you, but when they come down, they react to a completely different matter. This is known as the "Girl Speak" phenomenon.

There are big problem guys who do not know how to properly translate "Girl Speak," so he finally takes into account what she literally says.

But this is a huge, huge mistake!

Women rarely say what they really mean. And that is why they react very well to those guys who know how to interpret what they really are saying.

Take me for example …

I'm a fat, bald, ugly dwarf. Definitely no winner in the look. But I was women who said they were not "fat" guys. In fact, rather they prefer kids who "take care of themselves" and "go to the gym".

Yet you agree with me to date me.

There were even girls who were younger than me. One of my girlfriends was 20 years old. She was 30 years old. This girl was not interested in an older guy, but it was an exception to me.

I ordered a girl whom only black guys liked. I can be white or white. Seriously. They do not get whiter than good. But again she made an exception.

If I spoke words ("Girl Speak"), I would not have met them for the second time.

But I know I miss the most common "Girl Speak" excuses.

You know them …

"I just like guys who have great bodies."
"The guy who wants to buy me wants a good car."
"I want a tall man."
"I want a guy at my own time."
"I have a friend."
"I'm not looking for a serious connection."

Blah, blah, blah.

So how can I do it? Well, it's quite simple …

Try to change your EMOTIONS, instead of changing your mind.

If a woman is doing some thing, she says she is attractive, ignoring the details she claims to be attractive. The truth is, he does not say what's really appealing to him.

No, sir.

When a girl tells you something that "I love today's tall guys," she does not say she attracts tall guys.

He tells you he is attracted to him by the tall guys who will feel him.

Generally, if you ask a girl why she loves high kids, she'll share with you that she might feel "taller" to high men.

So in this case, you seem to feel safe with the guy you're dating with.

Guess what? Do not be high enough for a woman to feel safe! you just have to know how to start emotion.

So you can say that you want to bring a woman to you – no matter what it looks like.

Do you know how to have a woman feel this attraction?

Most importantly, you feel FUN when it's around you. If you can make a woman entertaining, she is likely to be attracted.


Because attraction is about feeling! And if you get something good old fashionable emotional tension – do you think so? You will find yourself attracted to you. And if you're attracted to it, the others are a cakewalk!

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