You may have automatically assumed that the most appropriate way to translate your site, reports, and other business documents is to provide a large translation bureau. In this article, I would like to mention the benefits of translating the contractor and explain the advantages and disadvantages of the two options.

The contracting agency's contractor may have some additional benefits in addition to additional costs: [19659002]

  • The big agency has the advantage of being able to cope with "mere volume" by project promoters allocating large translations among various translators. Although not ideal if you need to translate a large volume, this is the only option.
  • If you need multilingual text, a large agency will probably be able to do so. [19659004] If your business concerns a number of technical areas and not a highly focused area, then an agency will be able to assign documents of various degrees to different translators.
  • A good agency could have translators with materials such as glossaries to support translations and consistency
  • A good agency has other quality assurance processes and has checked its translators, such as years of experience and in some cases a satisfactory completion of the short test

However, one should not assume any of these is the case. Given that the agency can make up to half of the translation cost, it must check whether it provides real added value. Does the agency carefully select the most appropriate translator for the project and then use additional proofreading and verification? Or do they simply send translators in bulk, assign the job to the first available person and send the result without further verification?

Do not assume that the above factors can not be handled if you work with an individual translator. If you are right for your project, work directly with an individual translator can have many benefits and will continue to address the above mentioned needs.

  • Keeps in touch with a professional who is really working on your project. You can talk to them about any special requirements or doubts you have. Conversely, I can quickly examine any point in the text that needs clarification.
  • You know the same translator is working on his material and he's got a lot of acquaintance with your project and company.
  • While an individual translator can handle only a modest amount of money compared to a large agency and specialize in specialized areas, many translators work with trusted colleagues where they need to handle larger volumes or consult on a particular topic. However, a good translator continues to make mistakes in checking his work, and ensures, for example, that the use of terminology is consistent.
  • You can ask the translator what experience and expertise you have in the subject. Specialists specialize in specialized translators, but a professional translator should also be honest to answer honestly if he or she can not do a job.
  • While agencies can basically provide individual translators with the knowledge base of their terminology and translation memory, in practice, many organizations do not perform this role. In any case, good translators are now familiar with and have access to great on-line terminology databases that have made some of the redundant resources available.

In view of the above factors, if you did not consider it before, I would suggest that you consider turning the translator directly if it meets your business needs.

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