The best psychotherapy can be found with the wise unconscious mind in your dreams. Regardless of the problem you may be, you will surely find the solution you need for dreaming. The unconscious mind that produces dreams is a natural doctor.

At the moment I am the only professional translator who can immediately help the meaning of your dreams, but I'm a group of devotional translators. If you want, you can join my team and help me translate my dreams to the public immediately. Now that I have simplified Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation, everyone can easily learn the dream language.

There are many excellent students who can easily learn the language of the dream. I could give you many examples. However, they do not want to convert dreams online. I also have lots of lazy students, but I do not think they should blame because they do not follow my instructions.

If you really want to learn how to translate the meaning of dreams, you have to spend a lot of dreams, not just your dreams, but many other dreams. Dream interpretation is not a theoretical knowledge.

You must learn dreamers about biographies, and put messages in their dreams into their case. Every dreamer has to give concrete guidance after translating their dreams.

Do not worry because this guidance is clearly given by the wise unconscious mind in dream imagery. All we have to do is help every dreamer understand that they follow this guidance, change their behavior, become more confident, or make others to do so.

This exercise helps you better understand your own dreams. You have a global vision of the language of the dream and it is easier to understand the wise lessons of the unconscious mind in every dream.

The dream language is universal. Each dream symbol has the same meaning for every dreamer. That's why you only need to learn this language once in your life. Then you will perceive this knowledge forever.

When learning the dream language, every confused dream image is very clear to you. You will know how to create the right association, as you can instantly see dreams and scenes as an expert. She immediately identifies the most important dream symbols and immediately understands the basic unconscious messages in her dream.

Of course you have to practice to reach this stage. There is an initial difficulty.

Do you speak a foreign language?

If so, then you know what I'm talking about, especially if you have to learn this language without having previously contacted people who are talking every day in your country. It's hard to learn another language.

At the beginning of her studies, she feels lost in space. However, the beginning does not last forever. The beginning is an empty and difficult period with a limited duration. After getting acquainted with the dream symbols, the unconscious language becomes simple.

The more you learn about the importance of dreams and the importance of unconscious messages, the more you want to know about this issue. The diary of your dream will be your most beloved treasure.

You are very lucky because you can easily open the treasure in your own dreams now that I get a clear picture of the importance of dream imagery. Carl Jung could not understand one million details I could discover in my own research and many comparisons.

I'm telling you in my job, you're crazy, because you have inherited absurd content in most of your brain. Carl Jung could not easily recognize the general absurdity of the human being. On the other hand, I did not have the same idea as I can see today, because there were many scientific discoveries that had happened after her death. These publications confirm that we are actually violent and absurd animals.

We act depending on animal instincts, though we are thinking. We do not always use our rationalism.

On the other hand, our logical thinking ability is not as useful as imagining. There are a number of false logic systems that seem reasonable, while being completely absurd.

I'll show you over time you can become more adventurous, and that's why you must prevent the worst craziness. Unfortunately, even if you think you are a normal person, you are not balanced because you inherited the absurd wild conscience that tries to destroy your human conscience.

For example, when you show anger, you are under the control of your conscience, which is the fierce and strong side of your conscience that has not developed as your human side. You must learn to always calm down and do not be angry for any reason.

Anger is an animal reaction. It does not matter if you're logically right to be angry with someone else's flaws. It's always bad if you act like a monster. You must be sad, but you can not show anger.

Never let anger guide your thoughts and behaviors. Anger can easily lead to dread and dread. You must show sympathy and immediately forgive everyone's mistakes without hate being dominated by them. Keep in mind that human beasts are imperfect beings. Compassion and forgiveness will forever protect themselves against looting and terrorism.

I summarize Carl Jung's work on various psychological types, showing the absurdity that characterizes all psychological types. You will understand what is logical or absurd and find out how to find the true balance.

Once you become a professional dream translator, you can understand the general meaning of every dream by identifying the negative or positive dream symbols of the dream collection.

If you identify many negative dream symbols, such as the spider and the teeth that fall into a dream collection, you will understand that the dreamer loses mental stability.

Spider is a big threat. A dreamer needs to do something urgently to avoid future problems.

Loss of teeth indicates that dreaming psychic energy is lost. It makes serious mistakes that can ruin your personality and life.

Positive dream symbols such as the empty pool and bright sunlight will show that the dreamer moves through an evolutionary process.

The empty pool indicates birth. The dreamer finally understood something of a very important life.

Sunlight means real truth. This means that the dreamer is not misled by false impressions. He can see the truth as it is.

Just by understanding the meaning of dream symbols that appear in each dream you understand the psychological state of each dreamer.

You can immediately compile a series of dreams by identifying basic positive or negative dream symbols in a dream collection. This alternative would be very useful if you have to translate a lot of dreams to the same dreamer.

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