In a world where everyone wants to become an idiot who does not think, a constant consumer who does not criticize what he or she buys without manipulating a personal opinion and a marionette, only the scientific method of dream interpretation can give real liberty, power and wisdom.

I will teach you all mysteriously, transform you into a professional dream translator like me and fully open your mind beyond the limits of civilization, where you are.

The vision of the world and of all mankind can not be compared to the limited vision of our scientific world of our time. And exactly the same excellent vision and instantly learn everything that has been discovered and after 19 years of research, impossible therapies, predictions, wonderful solutions, dangerous adventures and much more. You can do this by following the dream interpretation method from Carl Jung's method, who discovered the code for the most accurate dream translation, which is the real meaning of the subconscious mind for the dream.

The dreamer is a wise unconscious mind, and the true interpretation depends on understanding the author's intent in any document. Since dream pictures give the dreamer a message, these are a form of expression: they form a symbolic language, based on images instead of words.

If you learned this language, you gain the power to communicate directly with the unconscious mind. In the dreams you will receive questions and receive answers, always checking how the subconscious "guidance is protected." The unconscious mind will rescue despair, earshot, poverty, betrayal, illnesses, accidents, and all the horrors of the world

a science that has just been discovered in the past, will be used by all doctors, not just the psychiatrist and the psychologist, to learn everything about their patients. The mindless mind is a natural physician who knows everything about each body and gives guidance to the dreamer about what needs to be improved in their behavior so that they physical problems

You will know everything about yourself by translating your own dreams and knowing everything about everyone else, simply translate your dreams.

Everything I've explained to you about sleep dreams and all the possibilities by learning the dream language and understanding the unconscious mind of wise messages is just an introduction. The power of dream translation is unlimited.

However, I can not explain more about this case, otherwise this article will be an ebook … To learn more, you need to read more.

There are many other things to find translation dreams. This is the importance of eternal knowledge and wisdom that gives you so much power and supremacy that once you learn the dream language, dream translation will be your most powerful survival tool at your disposal.

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