Language is one of the things that separates the creatures from one another, one of the things that essentially defines us as humans. When the language is used well, it can cause very deep emotions in others, motivate others to act and determine the nature of our relationships. Sometimes in the poetry, placing two words or a certain sentence together brings tears to his eyes, draws images, and moves deeply. Recently, we used language in the policy of persuasion, which is used badly or badly-depending on what you have in mind. When we use a language to express our true feelings to someone, it opens up and deepens our relationship. Language is a very powerful tool. How to use the world's language forms both internally and externally. How to use the conversation – what you say about yourself and form the world directly to yourself and the world. How to Provide Communication Forms As the World Reacts to You. We can use language more effectively in both areas: internal and external, and directly affect the health and power of our personal relationships and business relationships.

Connie Glaser, the leading expert in communication patterns, has 7 self-imposed traps that reduce the power of our speech. I talk about each trap and help identify which one can be unconsciously or the habit of communicating. As a trainee, I always see that knowingly that is automatic consciousness and clearly seeing much more effort to change it. We have a choice!

When I looked at Mrs. Glaser, I realized that they were an acronym – I always look for them when I teach because it makes it much easier for people to remember. What if we do not use the language efficiently to divert our power – we reduce its impact – we do not actually get the real message

DEFLECT: The Seven Traps That Blow Out the Message

Exclusion of Responsibility: "You Think that it seems stupid, but … "

Interesting apologies:" I'm so sorry … "

Leakage:" little, 19659002] Long – It takes too much time,

packs a point in so much other information that people lose the thing you say.

Emotions get in the way: Maybe they cry when you're really angry, you're afraid and you do not communicate at all ….

Tag Questions: "This was an excellent report, do not you think?"

All these "speech habits" serve to divert our power or clarity. communication.

Exclusion of liability is under your feet that you say so you have no basis. Man has to agree that what you say is stupid.

Effusive Apologies tends to blur what you say, communication is lost in all apologies, and the underlying message is that you're a guest error. Swapping in conversation style is a habit that tells you that you do not really know what you are talking about or actually ignores someone.

It takes too much time to reach the real message of an avalanche the crucial message is tough if it is not impossible to distinguish it.

When emotions come in the way people sometimes do not deliver what they really try to convey because they are afraid of the result, they are embarrassed about what they want to say or close the message in the opposite emotions, that is, they are really angry but rather breaks down.

Does not accept something – it says something like "Oh, nothing" or "I do not really deserve credit" etc. it turns ignored and tends to communicate, so you do not notice it.

The address bar lines or the question put at the end of the statement overwhelm this power-related statement. It's like blowing up a balloon and the moment you throw a wand to someone.

Often these are the communication patterns, the patterns of speech that we have learned and become accustomed to. If we are able to identify the habit that naturally can make different choices in communication. Spend some tin to observe your "favorite" trap and experiment with another more powerful approach. Drop the tag line and make a statement, stop for a moment when someone gives you credit and let it sink. All these changes bring power and light to communication.

I currently offer a personal and teleclass workshop to explore this and deepen the use of language more vigorously. Please contact me for more information.

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