When planning a visit to the Philippines, you may be a bit nervous or nervous because Tagalog is the national language of the Philippines. However, it may be a relief to know that English is considered the second language of the country, so they find that many Filipinos can speak and understand English. In most cases, English-speaking tourists do not have to worry that language barriers can cause problems during your vacation. Nevertheless, Tagalog (Tagalog) Tagalog, which is the national language, will still be beneficial.

English use and influence in the Philippines affects American influence in the Philippines, because for some time the Philippines has been colonized in America. Today, in the Philippines, American influence in everyday life in things like food, listening to music and television programs. Moreover, American products are widely available

English is often used in the Philippines with the Tagalog. As a result, you find that people speak English with the Tagalog. This is usually referred to as Taglish.

English is a primary school of primary school, high school, college and beyond. Almost all subjects are spoken in English, except for Filipino, taught by the Filipino language.

There are some schools that encourage students to speak English at the university and talk to the authorities. In some families, early parents are teaching their children to talk and use in English during everyday conversations.

There are different languages ​​on the Philippines, so Filipinos who travel to another region of the country speak different dialects or languages ​​that talk to Filipinos using the Filipino language (Tagalog) or the English language. That is, if they do not speak the local language.

The words used in Filipino were borrowed in English. Some borrowed words can not be translated directly into the Filipino, so they are used like, but in their native pronunciation. Some of the English words used in Filipino are, for example, a printer, fax, bar and cell phone. Other commonly used English words in the conversation include hello, hi, escalator, etc.

There are English words in the Tagalog language that are said to be used in Filipino. Such as television, oben (oven) and camera (camera). There are countless people, but here are a few: traysikel (tricycle), dyip (jeep) and meeting (meeting).

This is a good idea and may well be beneficial even for the basic Tagalog or words from the dialect spoken in the region by one of the visitors. Sometimes you know that language can be useful. For example, if you leave the beaten path, you find yourself feeling more relaxed, since it is the peace of mind that you can communicate with local people, Tagalog or other dialect; if necessary.

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