Language is the expression or communication of thoughts and feelings, the combinations of vocal tones and sounds to which the report belongs to human speech (Webster Dictionary 1999). Language is a significant part of culture, success, and free will

. Language can begin the hidden talent of all great writers today: clarity, compactness and communication.

Many are deprived of things such as attention, forgiveness of the other person, and language fluency. What many people forget, some experience may lead to the loss of linguistic disabilities. Obviously, they have deprived the language, as if the blind walker had folded to reach the pinat. The target is there, but one does not know where to find it.

Anyone in life can suddenly have silenced the language or could not speak a language at all. In the history of Malcolm X, we read: "I have scraped them by the language of the language that the society of white people is responsible for the black person's condition in this North American desert" (Malcolm X). It is often possible to predict the linguistic barrier of a person by their culture

Similarly, if a person has disadvantages, one must conclude that this person may need to work overtime to achieve good success in the language. Think of Helen Keller: "Daily language has come into my life, the living word awakened my soul, gave light, hope and joy to her!" (Helen Keller)

To be able to speak in a language, honestly, one has to get a job to get to know it. For Helen Keller, her experience was rid of her and she felt that she finally knew her unfamiliar life.

Fear takes any unknown person. For example, the recent fear of what to write may result in a lack of free will to try to write at all. Language proficiency is very important as it can improve writing and reading ability to read and write.

"Language is the highest and most amazing result of the human mind's symbolic tic" (Susan K. Langer). The human mind is like a sign. What he does not use is lost. The free will of choice for language can in fact become an obstacle to choice

To be able to communicate in the right way, you need to practice the language skills: learn speech, reading and writing. Then, and only then, language skills begin to feel natural, marvelously flowing and becomes natural part of the individual's daily life.

Lots of life has changed because vocabulary and writing skills grow. Whether it's a job or a classification, language is a complete growth towards life's realization. This is also an incredible self-esteem reminder for those who have no motivation in life. What Helen Keller, the limited world of her, was great in gaining her language: "It would be hard to find a happier child than I was as I was in the crib at the end of the day, and I enjoyed the joys I brought, and first wanted a new day. "(Helen Keller)

As in Malcolm X's story," I was resentful that I could not express what I wanted to write what I wrote "(Malcolm X).

The definition of any person can be chosen to change and become a better writer: "I saw the best thing I could do to get a dictionary, learn and learn a few words" (Malcolm X).

People do not know that this is often the invisible areas, such as they do not know the words and take time for Malcolm X, which is the largest lan in the near future. It's not like a non-winning study time when it comes to learning the printed word. As a result, my experience in my early career led me to make a firm decision to finish my course. My experiences of acquiring A-written assignments only made me stand and finish. I'm hoping to finish my school and school …

As Malcolm X says, "It's been a lot faster, after a lot of practice has helped to get a handwriting, etc." (Malcolm X). I certainly certify this fact in my own life.

With continuous writing I became a better writer. As a forerunner of this, I enjoy writing a lot more about this dormitory over the past few years.

Increased language awareness and skills have greatly influenced the thinking process of writers. They have become more confident and can only feel out of confidence that there is some pleasure. This is almost tangible. His role in the writer's life was monumental.

If we think it is one of the most important players in this society … let's start thinking that regular citizens can become big icons in America if they are to work towards language acquisition. Malcolm X, who would have thought it? He would not have expected his language skills to be missing because he had millions of people involved.

Improved use of language improved my life because I experienced significant improvements in school work, tests, and book reports. I hate to think that my life would be like language skills. I think that sometimes as a human being we must all remember that they are young or old, not lazy, but learning the language of that language.

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