Body language is a vital part of the entire communication process. You can either specify a positive or negative reaction you are talking to.

Examples of body language may be from any part of the body: eyes and eyebrows, lip, arms, and any other part that is important to know about the various body movements that are being taken during a conversation (or even when not talking) to avoid unnecessary and even unpleasant reactions. Here are some examples of body language and body parts manifestation.

Eyes and Eyebrows

The eyes are the windows of our souls. Although it sounds too mysterious and deep, it is very true that the person you are talking to can see some of the thoughts he retains or may misunderstand the actions of his eyes from what he wants from him.

Even the eyebrows and movements are the most noticeable elements when personally communicating with someone.

A classic example of body language, which causes a restless or bursting mood when its eyebrows approach to the middle as frowning. Even if you talk slowly and slowly, the person with whom you are going to, you think you are almost on the threshold of your patience.


Another part of the body that is usually interpreted by a person in the mouth

Although there are different shapes and positions for the lips, especially how they develop, there are universal concepts how we feel about it during the conversation. Some examples of lips' body language

The drawn, lower lips, which are almost at the upper teeth, usually indicate that the person retains and waits for the other person to confirm or act

. on the other hand, the upper lip, which is somewhat inward to the lower teeth, usually means a person who retains and takes mixed reactions in response to the other message mediated by the other. Such small movements can be a significant consequence of the lips and may serve as a basis for continuing or halting the communication process. The arms and legs are responsible for the bigger concept of body language, these are deeper and more severe.

Passage to the chest usually indicates doubt, mistrust, impatience, or closed thinking. Fit to one of the legs with a resting sister, and the other down and angular, making the whole idea of ​​this unpleasant look more intense.

Examples of body language with correct gestures that can be corrected by practicing and internalizing, you were the one who saw the actions you are doing. Actions are often louder than words, so it's best to always be aware of your gesture and movements.

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