The figurative language is inconsistent with the literal language. Contrary to the literal language, where words work rigorously, as they are defined, with a figural language, the student or reader has to "shape" the speaker or intended writers. The four most commonly used figural language techniques are similar to metaphors, personality and hyperbola. I will briefly define each one and offer ten examples.

Similar: comparing two different things with the word "similar" or "as" for comparison. Blood stuck out of it like tears

. It was as remote as a distant tropical island that was not cultivated and beautiful.

3. Paul delivered his science project to school as he shipped explosive glasses

4. The crying of the baby in the house was mixed up with the seafarer's consciousness of the ocean sound. It looked like I was talking to some strange foreign language.

6. The candidate's acceptance speech was as embarrassing as a high school dance.

7. The city square was like a beehive

8. Kelsey followed his dreams as if most children followed his big brother

. Martin's rights are spent in his life as a parade or burial process.

10. Kyle looked at the point of view, as empty as his notebook, to compare two different things without "the like" or "as." You would use a word.

1. When the Ninja Robots appeared on TV, the boys were glued to their seats.

2. The words are the weapons we have made.

3. The test is a walk in the park.

4. Released such beautiful pearls that he did not know. Leaders had to be safe with gold parachutes after the company collapsed.

6. Do not worry about the little nuts on the problem.

7. He described it with words.

8. It is said that scars are maps of the soul.

9. The midfielder just throws boxes and bombs into the field.

10. We are all shadows on the wall of time.

Hyperbole: exaggeration by focus or effect. To go to the park? This is the best idea ever.

2. I would take the mountains to the mountains.

3. Tatiana never tells me.

4. I know nothing.

5. Janet worked his fingers into the bone.

6. Jack was so thirsty to have a river dried dry

. Absolutely perfect.

8. Your father is the smartest son of the world.

9. We tried everything we knew.

10. This song could be repeated forever. 1969: 002: Persuasions: the attribution of human attributes or attributes to human objects or ideas. Smell of smell was beaten by the criminal.

2. The wind whispered the rumors of the forest

. The nervous hands of corruption have voiced the concerns of the City Hall

. Even the water was shaken by the wind.

5. The greedy weeds were starving the petunia

. Cupcakes may be pretty glamorous for an empty stomach.

7. The December light is short and uncharitable.

8. This morning he gave a warm welcome to the calm sleepers.

9. After the Death of the Party Death

10. Light Conquered the Darkness

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