Translation is a difficult area. Translators are often required to develop expertise on the subject they are translating into. Often, they find translators who work closely and occasionally have to comply with the customer's standard of writing, which is sometimes problematic.

Translation is a continuous selection. The translator selects the alternatives of the vocabulary and the different grammatical structures in order to find the words and syntax that best matches the source text. This is to be done in the source report and language style, but it gives the impression that the target language text was originally written in that language.

This is a truly complex task. It requires excellent language skills, it requires knowledge of the translated subject, and requires the understanding of the style required for the final material.

But there are more than that. More and more translators are required to compile web pages. Contrary to traditional text translation, translation of the website results in further complexity. By displaying all the links on the original website, you can add a new complexity dimension to the translation challenge. A simple phrase, for example, "New to this service? Register for free" where the "Registration" words are links, could have been a translation challenge for some languages.

The order of the elements in the sentence may be different between languages, so the compiler needs to change the HTML web design because it may appear at the beginning or end of the link, and not in the middle.

The website translation includes three disciplines: content writer, compiler and web designer. This makes the translation challenge even more difficult, as it involves another dependency level and cooperation.

New services are available, including, which provides multilingual content for translators without web design skills. It allows translators to receive the HTML content of a web page and allows them to provide HTML format translation while preserving the original visualization constraints. This mechanism creates new job opportunities for freelance translators, enabling them to provide full-scale translation services, including web site translation.

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