New language learning can be a fun challenge! Everything you need is the willingness to learn and the desire to have a good time! One of the most enjoyable languages ​​in French. Not surprisingly, this is the most romantic language. This means that you will be able to identify possible dates, as well as your friends and family as you learn how to speak fluent French. I would like to help you get started learning French while speaking a few simple beginners French words.

Your challenge is to learn the next starting French words and start using them in your everyday life. As all numbers arrive, you can count on them, dollars, date, someone's age, or how many M & Ms you've just eaten. No matter how we look at it, it's always a practical way to learn French quickly and easily!

The following number of French words is 1-20. These are the most important words you need to know.

One = Un

Two = Deux

Three = Trois

Four = Quatre

Five = Cinq

Hat = Hat (well, it was easy! = Huit

Nine = Neuf

Ten = Dix

Well, this is one to ten. After pulling them out, we suggest you go to the next ten numbers: [Eleven=Onze

Twelve = Douze

Thirteen = Treize

Fourteen = Quatorze

Fifteen = Quinze

Fifteen = Seize [19659002] Seventeen = Dix-Sept

Eighteen = Dix-Huit

Nineteen = Dix-Neuf

Twenty = Vingt

is the French starter listening to an audio CD to help maintain the flawed French accent. Just knowing how to write words will not do much good without you being able to tell them exactly.

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