Many people love learning the language or want to learn a language and language skills. In today's world economy, the demand for language skills continues to grow as governments, businesses and organizations build a relationship with foreign interests.

Language learning is beneficial to employment for two reasons; 1) Offering people with solid skills to make progress with promotion or international travel and experience, and 2) open up new careers and employment opportunities.

This article will explore the range of jobs offering language learning.

International Organizations

International organizations such as the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the Red Cross and Amnesty International always need people with language skills from administrative work to administration. Most people need cross-sectional language skills, as well as major international languages ​​- English, French, Spanish and Arabic – to many speakers.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

National governments are requesting huge foreign-language people to their ministry of foreign affairs. Working for the Foreign Service means foreign citizens living and working in the Foreign Ministry, contacts with their peers in other countries, listening to foreign-language intelligence reports, conducting foreign language studies and working abroad.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is usually a challenge for access; However, it is well known that language skills help to strengthen applicants. profiles.

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

From a foreign language, he is a good candidate for the tourism and hospitality sectors.

Many companies send their colleagues to foreign local offices, which means that speakers of native speakers are required. In addition, the international nature of such companies generally means they have a global presence and that staff with language skills are crucial to their daily operations and future expansion.

Even at home where hotels, leisure complexes and restaurants host a large number of foreign visitors, foreign-language speakers are needed to provide good customer service.

Translation and Interpretation

Once language skills have reached a good level, translation and interpretation become a possibility.

Translators work with written materials and typically translate texts from their source language into their native language. Translators usually have a qualification or accreditation, but if you can do so, you can easily sign up with a number of translation bureaus that work on freelancers. After some time many translators specialize in certain areas such as software, law or social sciences.

Similarly, interpreters who speak the spoken language must also have qualifications and key experience. Interpreters can also register for agencies that use interpreting projects. The interpreters work in two ways:
1) At the same time – the interpreter is in real time, for example at conferences.
2) Conclusion – the interpreter is listening to some of the speech, wait for the speaker to pause and then pay for, for example, business meetings.


He teaches many foreign languages. Teaching not only allows for the transfer of knowledge of the language, but also exercises it continuously.

Teachers can work in a number of different institutions, such as private language schools, public schools or colleges of adult education. Languages ​​range from kindergarten to adult. Once teachers have developed their skills, they can acquire more and / or specialize in areas such as Business French or Spanish and Law.

These work examples are just a few of the possibilities for speakers of foreign languages. The kind refers to the fact that language learning opens up many doors to employment and career development. So if you want to move forward in your career or consider a new work plan why you do not like language learning?

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