The wording of a gift voucher (also known as a gift voucher) is difficult to adjust. There are some compulsory items and some optional items you want to get into a gift voucher. In addition to these standard elements, you may also consider certain legal considerations in order to enforce certain restrictions on the use of a gift voucher.

Required items

If you enter a gift voucher template, remember the following items:

  • your business name
  • is the recipient's name
  • voucher value (dollars or local currency) or provided service. This is the most sensitive element of the certificate. Especially you do not want the customer to easily change the amount! So, it's better to print with a handwriting than the 1966
  • certificate serial number. The serial number is important for a number of reasons, especially in order to combat fraud and the issuance of gift vouchers. If you give each gift certificate with a unique number, you can easily verify that it has not changed if the customer wants to redeem it. For example, you can assign a serial number to a tracking log that has the value, release date, and client name.

Some optional items

  • customer name: most likely a compulsory item for most vouchers
  • personal message: this is a great way to personalize the certificate with the option of giving the customer a custom message to the customer

Legal Notices

  • Restriction for a particular service / product: If you would like to offer a certificate for a particular service, you should refer to the term "only for X service" or "use to purchase X".
  • No cash value. This saves customers who are willing to redeem cash (people are trying to do it!). The certificate has "no monetary value" or "can not be redeemed in money"
  • is not transferable: if you want the certificate to appear only on behalf of the person in the certificate, write down the "non-transferable" certificate
  • not necessarily legal in your country / country. Check your legal requirements or your lawyer. If it is legitimate, you may want to enter the expiration date of the certificate to avoid certificate certificates being opened for years. A year later, it's a good default. "Expiration date: 2012-03-17".

Now you know what important elements can be found for a good gift voucher, so work through a gift voucher template and mix the various items as long as you're happy with the results!

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