The introduction of translation software greatly contributed to addressing linguistic barriers triggered by globalization. Despite the fact that English is a universally recognized language for cross-border communication, international business and global media, translation must become a means of attaining a wider audience.

News, publishers, film vendors and retailers expand their reach by presenting their products in multiple markets in foreign markets. Companies are expected to hire translators, both written and spoken, in their relationship with foreign partners. For small businesses and smaller budget publications, translation software is often a viable alternative to costly translation services and expensive employees.

Individuals are equally receptive to these technological advances in everyday communication. In an attempt to improve the web experience, Internet users often turn to automated online translators when they look at the content of foreign websites. It provides access to information that can not be read differently and for people without English language this is a huge advantage

. However, the use of free translations was widely criticized by educational institutions, webmasters and persons concerned. In their minds, these services result in less than constellation and provide a collapsed source of resources that only serves the overall impression of compiled content.

Google Translator's most popular online translation service and poor quality of automated translations often refer to the critique of critique against free translators. The service is generally faced with the translation issues involved and the inability to identify the right terminology.

The quality of translation relies heavily on the translator's ability to recognize the context and tone of source material, and each machine lacks the ability. Conventions, metaphors, and idiomatic expressions are usually misunderstood with computer software, even if the correct interpretations are programmed by the developers. There is always room for errors or phrases related to the context that seem uncomfortable for human readers.

The disadvantages of the free translation software greatly restrict the scope of use, but the benefits are also abundant. Google Translator and Appearance Forms do not require payment for their services. Undoubtedly, the speed and intuitive design of web translation applications make it possible to compile a complete website on the site, so the internet user provides immediate access to the contents of a foreign web site.

Common critique of free translation software is largely misuse, and does not mean that it can not be used at all. Individuals who appreciate speed and ease of use or do not want to buy expensive software or translation services will be completely satisfied with the results of free translation software

. On the other hand, those who require high-quality service in their business or the course should never use free software for this purpose. They will use more from a hand-held or computer-aided translation that will allow a competent person to guide the process.

However, the most cost-effective approach would be to combine these methods and use the free software translation to refer to a manual translator fluent in both languages.

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