French is an ancient language that has seen a lot of evolution over the centuries, similar to English. Today, there are two main classifications of French: old French (ancien français) and modern French (modern français). One of the oldest official documents in the French language dates back to 842.

Modern French in the 17th century. It goes back to the century, but that does not mean that the French speak the same way in French before. Languages ​​Change With Time

The famous Académie Française created by Richelieu for the main purpose of protecting the French language against foreign influences and the decomposition of language is working hard to maintain a good French language. The 40-member official body was and continues to guide the development of French, especially today, against English terms that have been trying to break the language in the last fifty years. For example, an expression like "weekend" has become a daily expression when it refers to Saturday and Sunday.

New words, such as emails and software, are equivalent in French, and people prefer to use their English counterparts.

The Académie Française also protects the language against argot or common street word and tries to change official words that will appear in dictionaries. However, this has happened in the past when incorrect or inappropriate words are now not only accepted but found in French dictionaries

. Languages ​​live and change as people talk. Institutions like the Académie Française, however, have a duty to ensure that the language is protected against evolution that would be detrimental to its preservation.

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