As a language, English Supremacy is obvious to everyone, but most do not yet know the French proliferation and potential profits that can be translated into French.

Undoubtedly, English is a globally accepted and widespread language spoken by most people in the world (and probably in several languages). However, unknown to most French is a "Lingua Franca" for the wide range of people around the world.

Do you speak to me in France?

Lingua Franca (also called working language, bridge language, or vertical language) is a language used by different populations to communicate if they do not share their mother tongue or common language. In general, lingua franca is a third language that differs from the mother tongue of the parties involved in the communication. Obviously, lingua franca is used for real and massive recognition of the language.

Facts about French proliferation: French proliferation is obvious:

• French is the second most successful and most respected English language after English

• The French, one of the official papers (33 languages) COUNTRIES, which again 2 MATERIAL IN HUNGARY officially speaks in 45 countries.

• French (outside of English), the only LANGUAGE spoken by the natives of the 5 continents and across the globe.

• French is the 2nd LARGE LANGUAGE and the second most commonly used language on the Internet.

Above facts, it is enough to infer that French is the most widely used language after English. He is very capable of translating English into English to reach a global audience for which the French are lingua franca.

Translate a French translator from French to English:

Translate to French in English or any other language, using an indigenous French translator is best practice and is highly recommended. This is because of the two main reasons:

1. The French have different dialects and variations by country and region. Therefore, the French translator in Canada does not necessarily serve the French translation in Paris.

2nd An indigenous French translator is also mentioned that he is a native speaker of the targeted (French) language and has high efficiency (above any other French translator) to understand language jargon and convey real meaning and intent to cultural and conversational language , without a mistake, accurate French translation.

This may also interest readers that more than one third (1/3) of all Englishs originate directly or indirectly from French, and it is estimated that English speakers who have never learned French already know the 15,000 French word. In addition, there are about 1700 words in French and English that have the same spells (but with distinctive pronunciation).

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