Like any other sport, golf games also have their own vocabulary and commonly used words. Beginner golfers will certainly help you get to know the golf language to enjoy the game and other golfers.

Some of the more common and popular words and phrases used by golfers to help you get started in this wonderful game are: –

1. Handicap – the numerator of the golfer in par. The lower the disadvantage, the better the player.

2nd Driver – the club used by golfers to get the greatest distance from the ball when teeing down.

3rd Fairway – the golf course is part of the T-shirt and the green.

4th Green – surface where the target hole and the flagpole are placed.

5th Clubface – part of the team that hits the ball during the shot.

6th Fore – an expression that other golfers need to know about the golf ball colliding and coming. This is because other golfers are not injured.

7th Danger – obstacles, ponds, rivers, streams, sand bunkers (or sand dredgers) and rough, the area where the grass is long.

8th Unbound – an area outside the pitch marked with white bets.

ninth Scorecard – A card that describes the score. It also provides information on the course, such as par and yardage of each hole. Sometimes the course diagram is shown in the course.

10th Hook – a shot that curves from left to right.

eleventh Couple – the number of tosses a golfer requires to make the hole.

12th Bogey – The bogey is a further stroke by the pairs that a golfer took to fill the hole. For example, a golfer would say that he has a bogey when he took five steps to fill the four hole.

13th Birdie – Golfers say they have reached a bird when a stroke has been completed to fill a hole. He had a birdie when he took three blows to a four holes.

14th Eagle – If the golfer has done less than two strokes to make the hole, they claim to have reached an eagle.

Golf is a great game and will become more and more popular with both young and old. You're never too young or too old to pick up your increasingly popular sport. Golf courses have been plummeting in many developing countries over the last decade. If you are a golf school, then taking the language and vocabulary of golf will certainly help you to click on other golfers and enjoy the championship on the track much more.

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