An expert is a person practicing a particular profession that allows them to earn a living. This definition is very abundant and makes no distinction between veterinarians, teachers, craftsmen and translators.

The translator must be a professional, not amateur or improvised, and this applies in particular to literary translators. You have to be very strict in your work to guarantee a true version of a copyright book and do not estimate the author or the reader. This is combined with a unique talent with both source and target language skills and mastery, with full commitment and plenty of time to make it right and make a good compiler.

You often hear the phrase "traduttore – traditore", which means that a translator is necessarily a traitor. This can happen very often when someone thinks that just because they speak English, Spanish or German at home, as their families have such extracts, they can make good translations. So it just goes ahead and translates books written by important authors without actually being able to do it. Most of their work is amateur and not very poor.

In such cases, the publisher is often flawed because he does not thoroughly review the work he receives and publishes it without being subject to strict control.

Very upgraded writers said that writing a book requires difficult and long and limited working hours, but the book's translation is even harder, perhaps the hardest any pursuit.

But the inept teacher thinks differently: he's convinced the translation is very simple. Simply translate words instead of words instead of expanding their entire ideas. So the reader can not easily understand the translated text, which often misrepresents the author's concepts with the wrong translator.

As we've already mentioned, a good translator, especially a good literary translator, is a true professional and artist who not only speaks his own language, but also about whom he translates and who knows people well and is involved in translating a foreign author; an educational and cultural background that is truly capable of interpreting the concepts expressed by the original author.

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