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Chinese / English translator or interpreter in Guangzhou can work and live in a very entertaining way. Working hours can not be defined as a 9 through 5, but a 24-hour cycle that invites people to purchase, check, dispatch, document, etc. at different times, weekends, and weekends every day and night. goods. Sometimes, work involves helping overseas buyers show them in the city and helping them meet the factories and negotiate the price and terms of the contract. Sometimes, the buyer does not even come to China, but only asks and asks for certain products that need to be found and dispatched.

Sometimes it is very difficult because of Chinese cultural and linguistic differences, sometimes big enough. China exists in many different provinces and is the only dialect of each province. In general, the younger generation of Chinese is the main language of the country, the mandarin. A few years I learned a tangerine and it is still difficult. 5 different sounds have to be learned, and each word is related to a given voice. If the word is communicating with the wrong voice, it is very likely that they will not understand it or they will be caught, which can sometimes be problematic and frustrating. Guangzhou province, which is Guangdong Province or English Canton Province, local dialect of Cantonese. Many people in the world know this language because many Chinese migrants have moved to another country such as the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and so on. They have roots in Guangdong Province.

I think the reason is that the Guandong Province has produced so many Chinese migrants over time, because it is a coastal city and once belonged to the colonial Great Britain. It was enriched by Britain's trade in the region, which allowed its peoples to gather migration resources. Britain also bought foreign cultures in China that helped people to migrate abroad. Every mandarin is usually the language translated from Chinese by Chinese to English to help export their containers to their foreign customers. I have already practiced my mandarin and it is now good enough to communicate with factories, shops, wholesalers, etc. The English language is spoken in some words in Guangzhou, although it is not widely understood.

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