Language is the House of Being. She lives in her home. Those who think, and those who create words, are guardians of their homes. "Martin Heidegger, German philosopher, Letter of Humanism, 1947.

The philosopher Jose Ortega y Gasset once said that man has no nature but history. While I respect this opinion, I think that man's true human nature language, and as the little god Prometheus gave fire to man, a great God gave mankind great enthusiasm: the language

After years of thinking what Martin Heidegger meant as the "Language of House of Existence" and finally arose ( looking at catastrophic news on the television) that Heidegger means language, not just a building, a shelter, a building, a place of residence, but a soul of mankind – the infinite container

With the help of the language we seek heaven and earth; by language we accept or reject God , by accepting or rejecting the absolute Absolutes guiding the human race by language

And yes, only the language is experienced by the language happiness and love are more similar to emotional life, the intestines, the central nervous system, the body can only partially express its happiness and love. Language is indispensable, or if not, try to tell them the painters, the poets and the writers. Trollope (19459003) Pendennis's story : "It's best to wisely love, no doubt, but the liking of madness is better than not to love at all." And Trollope went on to fill the library shelves with tongue and love.

We are thinking and feeling words. Although words are much more experienced and more appropriate to thinking than feeling, we still recognize that even our deepest feelings have to be translated into words to express what we feel. When we fall into a good book, we feel with characters and characters: with Don Quixote and Sancho we experience the true meaning of friendship; With Anna Karenina and Aschenbach, we feel the beautiful pain of the deeply tormented souls; Remedios With beauty we ascend to heaven.

Could we build knowledge without language? Is not the boat the vessel of patterns, axioms, equations, paradigms, and formulas? Wisdom can be implemented without language?

Even the most disliked nihilists or atheists need the language to disprove the existence of God; the same God who gave him the gift of language.

When people learn a language, they are never homeless. Even as their houses burned – as they watched the flames destroy thousands of houses in San Diego, California – their soul, their humanity survives in the House of the Soul – Infinity

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