Scorpion is the most intense and passionate zodiac. They are the most extreme. No gray tones. Black or white. Day and night. Good and bad. They can be neutral, but only with things they feel indifferent. That is why it is true that it is a little difficult to see what Scorpio is. They seem to be cool and relaxed, but they are deeply guarded and alert. They too rely heavily on their intuition, and they realize that you are indigenous, so if you're planning a fatality, it's better to retreat. Now. So the question is how scorpion women live? If you always break everything, how do we know if we're already in it? Relax. Here are some body language that you can decode:

  • The strongest eyes are. When you attract a scorpion woman, you get the most intense eye contact. He was not afraid to show you that he was interested, and most people are absolutely fascinated by the way they look at you. They have the furthest eyes and are so passionate about being able to burn through you. It is important to keep cool and not fully aware of yourself when you begin to see the eye.
  • It may happen that one of the first days of a Scorpio woman seems totally negligible or not interested in anything. Nevertheless, sexual appeals will grab you and you will not be admired easily.
  • One of the strong features of the scorpion is that it can look relaxed and collected, even if it feels completely different. That is why when he talks to you, he never collides or shows any anxiety on the face.
  • EXCLUSIVE. When a scorpion woman flirts, she does not let everybody know about it, but rather approaches you and whispers the things she wants to say – absolutely sexy and attractive. The scorpion woman crushes with sexual appeasement, so she should not mind everything when every eye hits her when she enters the room. But if you like it, the focus will be on you and yourself.
  • They are bold and adventurous. They never hang out on you and they just say what's in their heads. Scorpio women can be too strong for you and may be very aggressive if they want, so it's important for you to agree with them – they want a man who can stay excited about the others.

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