How to dive into a foreign language? If you ask this question, read it because this article is for you. I'll show you three ways to dive into a foreign language. Here they are!

first Listen to the radio or podcasts

It's very easy to find many free radio stations or podcasts in a foreign language. If you want to find dozens of free podcasts, go to iTunes. Find podcasts for your interests – there is no point in listening to something that is not of interest to you. Download some podcasts, upload them to your MP3 player or your mobile phone and watch them waiting for you in a row or jogging.

2nd Read Blogs

Find interesting blogs in the target language. Read blog posts to improve your vocabulary and grammar and leave comments to improve your writing skills (and, of course, your vocabulary and your language). How can I find blogs in the target language? This is simple: use Google. First, you need to go to Google in the target language, such as or Then search for "[your interest in the language that you are learning] blog".

3rd Find a Language Partner

Use websites such as Italian or Livemocha to look for people who want to learn to speak in their mother tongue in their mother tongue. Use Skype to talk to them. Interaction with native speakers is one of the most effective ways of being a foreign language.

This is – three ways to dive in a foreign language. Do not forget to take action and put these tips because you will not learn a foreign language if you do not get into it. Good luck and fun!

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