Some translation is needed when you have to swear that the content of the translated document is the same as the original text. The authentic translation has the same legal value as the source document.

When the translation is sworn, the translator officially swears to the notary or the Italian court for the accuracy and loyalty of the document. According to Italian law, interpreters providing promising translation bear a lot of responsibility, including criminal liability, due to inaccurate translations and inaccurate translations.

    • commercial chambers of minutes
    • founding documents
    • purchase or sale of Italian property / real estate (19659005)
    • death certificates, inheritance documents, etc.
    • school and university diplomas
    • driving licenses
    • wills
    • decisions

    How does a "swear" occur?

    a translator must:

    a) translate the document

    b) take over the source and translate it to the local court.

    c) sign a sworn statement confirming the accuracy and fidelity of translation

    d) present the "marca da bollo" 14 stamps .62 translated into four pages (subject to some exceptions)

    In some cases, which must be tied to the notary and the oath in both the source document and its legal translations. An example would be the sale of Italian real estate: the translator must be present at the time of signature ("il rogito notarile") to interpret the parties and sign the actions together with the buyer, the seller, the notary and the witnesses. In addition to the time of document transcription, the actual signing process usually takes at least two to three hours before the notary, as all texts must be read in Italian and in English and signed before the witnesses. [19659002] How much does the sworn translations cost?

    In addition to the usual translation rate (translators typically individually, individually or by 1500 characters each), the interpreter's number of hours for court, line, filling in forms, etc., and a flat fee for the "sworn" criminal responsibility in the course of his / her work). Alternatively, the compiler or translation agency can count on the top of the usual translation rate per document. Authentic translation can be done in the morning, but if it is really urgent, remember that certain courts have opened up for sworn translations only at certain translations and that they take into account the time needed for careful translation. As a general rule, let's translate at least one day to 2000 words, enabling the translator's accessibility. You can ask for money for very urgent translations, or require 2000 times faster translation.

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