Women are very good mixed signals. They say that one thing is another thing, sometimes just a jacket, and sometimes surprisingly direct. This is causing us massive confusion for men. Women are also frustrated. They do not know why they can not read the signals. See if you can be sure he is interested in you.

Focus the first you want for the first time.

The way you stop the dirty behavior and the woman who goes after the tea, whatever you want. Initially, this means you do not look too much in the signs. Some women only flirt for attention.

When you touch all these women, you will still know what caused him. He did not expect you to feel that way. He just joked. She was attracted to her to go after her. If you focus on your needs and desires, you will not be as vulnerable as it is to you. This also applies to women who are shy. Sad women also send mixed signals.

He draws your attention

The first thing most women try to draw for you. If he really is interested, he can do very unusual things. Like what? Drop something in front of you. Get ahead of you. Stay closer or close. Find excuses to get closer to you. Twist your hair and many more things.

Do you listen to him?

Do not always look for the little details. If a woman stands talking there she is interested. If you ask him, he is interested. If he jokes about the joke, he is interested. These are signs that make it obvious. What's the obvious? You have the attention.

It's Time for You

Why does it seem that some women have always captured you? Because they do not care. No woman is busy with someone attracted or where she has the love potential. A woman is always looking for you if you are interested. He does his time schedule for you, pick someone up for the shift, he will do almost everything to stay with you if he thinks it's worth it.

Some women are constantly testing people. This is not always a bad thing because it means you are interested. What is the test? She often questions when she tries to challenge you or lie. Here are some examples: How many girls do you have? Do not you like the way you dressed? Why are you working there?

Trying To Contact You

Once there was a woman who said they had the same credit card. She thought it was just awesome. I thought she was crazy. This was one way to try to contact me and establish a relationship. Sometimes it points to some very insignificant similarities between the two. Take care of them because it means he's really interested in you.


Some women may indicate that they will be self-conscious about it. You can often tell your body language or look at you. Almost seems to be weak on his knees. For example, shaking your hand almost puts your hands in your hands. It's almost as if you want to keep hands with you. Another common thing you'll see is that he felt a lot of it, trying to touch it and get closer to you. Conclusion

What you decide about these signs will ultimately depend on you. Most men do nothing and therefore do not go to dates or have no girlfriend. So you can be no man or somebody. This is really up to you.

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